What Types of Jobs Can Welders Do?


Welding is a process where the welder uses specialized tools (like a blow torch or electric arc) to join together separate pieces of metal. Welding is an essential task for most construction and manufacturing projects, and for many, proves to be a profitable and rewarding career. But to many others, welding is much more than that. Welding can be a hobby, a lifestyle, or for the skilled experts, a true art form. 

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But before you start searching for that new MIG welder for sale, you should make sure you know a bit about the world of welding. Here, we’re taking a closer look at welding as a career, reviewing some of the top jobs welders can hold, and reasons why anyone who loves working with their hands and contributing to important industries should consider professional welding. 

What Kinds of Jobs Can You Get as a Welder?

Now that we know a bit more about the craft, it’s time to take a look at just how some people leverage this into a career. To become a professional welder, you’ll need certain certifications and requirements to ensure you can accomplish the job safely and effectively. But these qualifications will vary depending on the exact position and field. For example, to become an oil rig welder, you’ll need to actually live on the oil rig for a certain part of the year.

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Some of the top jobs for welders include:

1. Construction welder

2. Sheet metal welder

3. Structural steel welder

4. Manufacturing welder

5. Rig welders

6. Industrial maintenance and shutdown welder

7. Pipe fitters 

8. Shipyard welders

9. Military welders

10.  Underwater welders

And more. Essentially any task or job that requires working with metal components, there’s a good chance that a professional welder will be involved. 

Is Welding a Good Career Path? 

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While this question will always be subjective to a degree, many people would agree that welding can make for a great career. When looking at various trade professions, welding tends to have a higher than average salary. Entry-level welders can expect to average about $40,000 a year with this number only increasing as you gain more experience. 

Additionally, welding is an easy career to get into as there aren’t major formal education requirements and there’s always a big need for this profession across a variety of industries. On top of that, welding can open many doors for individuals, allowing them to travel around the world or even open up their own welding operation with time. And perhaps most importantly, many professional welders simply love what they do—making this a fulfilling and lucrative career choice. 

Conclusion – What Types of Jobs Can Welders Do? 

If you’re looking for a career that’s always in demand, offers good pay, and allows you to work with your hands, you owe it to yourself to look into welding. Welding is a valuable skill that can be used in a variety of professional settings and industries. From manufacturing to working on oil rigs, welders are needed all over the place. While you’re the only one who can truly determine whether or not welding is a good career, many professionals find this path to be both lucrative and rewarding when it comes to finding the right career. 

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