5 Essential Home Chores To Prepare For Winter


Following an annual maintenance schedule, investing in the right tools, and relying on services where necessary are all part of the basics of home maintenance. These ongoing home chores are all essential to maintain property value, avoid the high costs of repairs, and keep your property in top condition.

That said, when the colder weather starts approaching, particular home maintenance chores become crucial. These are the top five home chores that homeowners must prioritize before winter arrives.

Chimney Inspection And Maintenance

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If your home holds a chimney centerpiece, there’s no doubt that you value the feature. But with this, chimney maintenance is essential. Because you will be using your chimney during winter, you must book an inspection as the seasons grow colder.

Protechchimney.com provides chimney inspection, cleaning, maintenance, and repair services. By relying on a professional service, you can be sure your chimney and fireplace are in functional order for the winter.

Clear Out The Gutters

It’s essential to clear out the gutters at the start of each season. Clogged-up gutters that can’t drain well will lead to costly water damage. While cleaning gutters, it’s important to check that downspouts are clear of blocks as well.

Seal Windows And Doors

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If the windows and doors of your home don’t seal properly, drafts can prevent your heating system from working efficiently. Not only will your power bill be higher than it has to be, but your home also won’t be as warm as it could be.

It’s also worthwhile to inspect the insulation of your home. Replacing the insulation can also effectively lower your home’s heating bill by keeping warmth in more effectively. You can hire services in spray foam insulation Denver to replace your old insulation with new one. Typically, home insulation needs to be replaced every fifteen to twenty years.

Heating System Maintenance

It’s also important to have your home’s heating system inspected before the winter arrives. If you don’t, a problematic heating system might leave you freezing in your home until a repair service can attend to the issue.

Prepare The Pipes

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Frozen pipes are a fairly common problem for homeowners in colder regions. Unfortunately, frozen pipes can burst, and this typically leaves the homeowner with a hefty repair bill.

Fortunately, it’s relatively straightforward to prepare pipes for the winter so that they don’t freeze and potentially burst. You can wrap pipes with electrical heating tape on extremely cold days. It’s best to also insulate behind and around pipes where possible. Furthermore, keeping your home warm is also an effective way to prevent frozen pipes.

In addition to the above chores, it’s also worthwhile to consult a pest control service as winter approaches. Because pests will be in search of warmth and a food source when the season turns cold, pest control is also pretty important. That said, even though you can manage these chores with a DIY approach, certain chores, like chimney and heating system maintenance, should be left to professional services.

Relying on a professional service is the best way to ensure efficiency and to keep the costs of home maintenance low.

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