10 Decorative Elements Every Stylish Home Needs


Whether you are interested in redecorating your home for a total new and stylish look or are contemplating design elements for a new build, you are probably in the market for a few pointers. Following are some of the most stylish and trendiest decorative elements every home needs in the 21st century.

1. Wall Coverings

Wall with images in living room
Used with permission of Melanie Gowen

For so many years it seemed like the only thing that designers ever did with walls was to paint them various shades that happened to be trending at the time. While that is all well and good, the stylish homes of today which you see featured in all the home decorating magazines will often highlight walls featuring wallpaper or perhaps even paper with a chair rail to separate a wallpaper lower and a painted upper. The goal is to give a more textured appeal, so don’t feel like you are limited to solid colors.

2. Window Treatments

The same holds true for window treatments. You can pick and choose the types of shades and blinds you want to use but don’t forget that window treatments don’t stop there. Curtains and draperies are also part of the entire appeal, so get creative there as well.

3. Ambient Elements

One of the most stylish of all elements in today’s trendy homes would be ambient elements. These are usually decorative yet unimposing items that are casually placed around the room to add an extra layer of delight. Designer candles from Jo Malone are absolutely perfect for adding a waft of fragrance to any room. Just ensure that you place the Jo Malone candle created with traditional British tradition in a place where it can add a certain quality of elegance to the room. Based in the Marylebone District of London, this house of luxury fragrance available on SSENSE will say all that needs to be said about the care in which you have decorated your home.

4. Eclectic Use of Patterns

Often referred to as pattern on pattern, this element can be used on anything from wall hangings to furniture to even the walls themselves. Often you will find geometric patterns interspersed with other shapes, florals, or animal motifs. These needn’t be ‘loud’ but can be subtle without the use of too much color. It’s interesting to note just how intriguing the use of patterned layers can be.

5. Decorative Use of Baskets

Part of the bright designed living room with chair, table and pillows in the basket below the table, and a mirror on the wall above the table with flowers and books
Used with permission of Lisa Furey Interiors

It seems like woven baskets will never go out of style. At one time in our history they were purely functional in the days prior to modern transportation and shipping but the heritage. We lovingly continue to use them to hold items we once carried from shop to home. Fruits and flowers, artificial or real, make lovely items to display in baskets of all sizes and shapes. You can even use them as outer pots for decorative plants.

6. Skirting and Table Runners

Today’s stylish homes are often found to have a rather elegant and formal appeal in the dining area. You will find table cloths with skirting on dining room tables with a table runner completing the look. Don’t forget cloth napkins, and candelabras to add an extra touch of elegance. You can learn to fold your dinner napkins in dozens of ways, resembling the Japanese art of origami.

7. Comfortable Seating

You may want an air of elegance in your home but if it is uninviting, you’ve not given your guests time to appreciate all those little touches you painstakingly added. Comfortable seating in the living room and dining room are an absolute must. Dining chairs can be softly padded and upholstered to put your guests at ease for a companionable dinner (don’t forget to light the candles mentioned above!).

8. Curios

Bedroom with book shelf and vases
Used with permission of Casework

This is one decorative element you might find addicting. Curios are those little items you find intriguing and collect from literally every vacation you’ve ever taken. Often these are little mosaic dishes or knick-knacks that have been handed down through the generations. Hummel figurines are especially attractive.

9. Dimmable Lighting

You’ve already set an ambient element with the lovely fragranced candles mentioned above. However, if you want those candles to offer a full effect, don’t forget to dim the lights when you are seated in the room that hosts the candles. Dim lights along with a gentle fragrance and softly strobing candles are seen as the height of elegance.

10. Room-by-Room Themed Approach

Finally, don’t feel as though you need to decorate your home in one era or style. Each room can be themed differently from the last, giving an appeal similar to pattern-on-pattern wall hangings. Having said that, take care to ensure that everything in each room is true to the theme of that particular space.

Now that you have an idea of decorative elements every stylish home should have, it’s time to call on your Muses. Let the creativity begin!

Thanks to ssense.com for consulting on this post.


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