5 things to Consider When Choosing Upholstery Fabric


Are you working on an upholstering project? This can be exciting and rewarding as a hobby. One of the first things you are going to need to get started is fabric.  This is what is going to totally transform your furniture and allow it to adopt a new style.

But, if you have never upholstered before, you may not be sure where to start when it comes to fabric. There are just so many to choose from. Well, here are five things you need to consider to choose the right one for your project.

Various fabrics

The Material

First of all, one of the things you need to consider when choosing upholstery fabric is what type of material to use. Indeed, there are many you can select. For example, some homeowners love wool since it is soft and can even absorb odors from the ambient air. Then, others like leather since it is durable and can have a unique texture. Another good option is linen since it is a breathable fabric that feels luxurious and is durable. Thus, think about your lifestyle and choose a material that you love.

The Style

The fun part of shopping for upholstery fabric is choosing a style you like. Thankfully, there are now many different patterns and styles to choose from. For example, you can choose from floral designs, as well as animal prints and other contemporary and classic styles. A good brand to check out is Penny Morrison. There is a range of luxurious fabrics you can select from, including stripes, florals and ancient Greek motifs. There are fabrics for everyone and with a style that you will love.

The Color

Living room with big white couch
Used with permission of Millhaven Homes

When you have found a fabric style that you like, you are going to have to think about the color. For instance, the legs of your armchair or the couch might dictate what color is going to be the best to match. Take a look at the furniture you are upholstering and think about what is going to work well. Then you can see if the fabric is available. If you are not sure, a lot of companies that sell fabric will send you a sample. It may be worth getting one so that you can make sure you love the fabric you are selecting.

The Availability

Once you have found a fabric that you love for your upholstery project, you need to make sure that somebody has it in stock. In particular, if you are following the latest trends, you have to be prepared to shop around and be patient. You may be surprised by how quickly fabrics sell out when they are on-trend. In addition, ensure that the store has the right size that you need for your project. Of course, you are going to need more if you reupholster a couch compared to other furniture. Having a list of different fabrics that you like can make sure that you are not disappointed. Alternatively, you might have to be patient.

Thanks to pennymorrison.com for consulting.


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