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Happy about moving out of your house and into your college dorm? We know that it can be a road to a many new experiences for you, hence you must enter this phase with all the essentials. Even though, it can be a fun experience, you need to prepare a list of things that you need for dorm, so let’s get to the list.


Mattress is the foremost thing that you would need in your dorm, so before buying one, you can read unbiased reviews on Mattress Firm Pillows about Queen mattress under 200. Having your own mattress is always a good idea because this can save you from a lot of allergies and bed bugs that might be present on the dorm mattress.

Bedroom with double bed
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Rectangular Bin

As the dorm rooms only provide you with a reserved space, you need to make the best use of the given space. Having rectangular bins under that can be kept under your bed are a great way to store your laundry and your books and stationery. You can find these from regular grocery stores and these cheap rectangular bins can go a long way. This will provide you with extra space in your cramped room and can be kept under your bed.

Led fairy Lights

Many of you may want to give your dorm room a home like feel, therefore, decorating your dorm like your own room can help you combat the feeling of nostalgia when you miss home. Having sofr fiery lights in your room can also give it a soothing and soft look, while adding to the aesthetics of your dorm room, without exceeding your budget. Another way of adding these lights is to prepare a photo wall and hang these fairy lights along the photos or even on the sides of your dresser, if you have one in your dorm.


Stacked books and glasses on top
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Having your own stationery and books is always the first thing you should consider while moving into the dorm. Add pens, pencils, notebooks, and all the needed stationary items to your dorm shopping list and buy in bulk to save some cash. If you carry these things along with you, you will not have to go through the hassle of buying yourself new stationary once you start university, or from the hassle of borrowing it from your roommates.


When the exams approach, students tend to spend a lot of time studying and sitting for long hours on your study chair can be very exhausting, therefore, buy a bedside lamp that can help you study in your bed and provide you with enough light. You can also keep the lamp on at night if you have trouble sleeping with lights on.

Stainless steel water bottle

In college dorm, you must always keep a water bottle with you, as the water filters and dispensers are not present in every room.  Buying a stainless-steel bottle can go a long way, and you can fill the bottle up and bring it to your room, so that you do not need to get up after every few minutes to get a glass of water. These bottles can be carried to class, and to gym a well.

Bath towels

White designed bathroom with shower
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Add a pair of towels to your dorm shopping list as well, because your dorm toilets do not provide you with towels. You can maintain your personal hygiene in this manner. So make sure that you add it to your must have list of dorm shopping.

Alarm clock

As you would be far from home, your parents will not be able to wake you up, so if you are a heavy sleeper, it would be wise to invest in a compact digital alarm clock. So, buy one if you never want to be late to the class.

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