How To Deep Clean Your New Home Before Moving In


Moving to a new home is an exciting time. A new house offers many possibilities—the uncluttered spaces and bare walls provide a new canvas to create a new living space of your choice. However, a lot goes into turning an empty house into a new home. Deep cleaning is one of the things a new place requires before you move in. 

Although the house may look good, there’ll be dust, grease, and other kinds of dirt that you need to get rid of before settling in your new space. It’s also easier to clean the house to the core when there are no pieces of furniture around. 

If you’re moving to a new home, here are valuable tips to help you deep clean it before moving in: 

1. Start With A Game Plan

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When you want to deep clean your new home before moving in, you need a plan to get the job done more efficiently. Ideally, a deep-cleaning game plan lays out areas that need to be cleaned first and the schedule. 

While you’re free to adjust the schedule to your preference, ensure that the plan highlights the steps to be followed up throughout the cleaning process. Every step should include specific cleaning actions, so you won’t miss anything.

You may clean your new home by yourself or hire a professional cleaner. Because this is the only chance to deep clean it without furniture pieces getting in your way, getting a professional cleaning service provider, like Texas Xtreme Clean, might be a good idea.

2. Clean the Highs, Then The Lows 

Dust doesn’t only settle on countertops and floors. Your home’s overhead lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, shelves, and other areas are prone to grime and dust, too. These are not areas that get cleaned often, so if you leave the dust, cleaning it later would sprinkle the dirt on the surfaces below. 

Start by cleaning high areas or features in every room before working your way down to keep this from happening. Use an old piece of cloth to clean your ceiling fans. Wipe the blades from the center outwards. Most of the dust will collect on the fabric, which you can toss or clean once you’re done. 

3. Give The Kitchen A Thorough Clean

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Your new kitchen will need a deep clean to eliminate odors trapped in it. If your new home comes with a fridge, you need to clean it well before placing any food items in it. Consider washing the back of the refrigerator where dust may have accumulated, causing it to consume more energy. 

Move the appliances to clean any dirt behind them. If the sink in the house is made from stainless steel, use steel wool to scrub it clean, then use a water and lemon juice mixture to give it a shine. 

Your kitchen cabinets will need cleaning as well. Using a soft cloth, wipe the interior and exterior parts of the cabinets to remove dust and other food materials stuck in the corners. 

Remember to clean your kitchen countertops by wiping them with a disinfectant. If your new home has marble countertops, avoid using acidic cleaners on them. Instead, use a marble cleaner to remove dust and any other stains. 

4. Give Your Bathroom A Good Scrub

The bathroom is another vital area to deep clean before moving into your new home. If the toilets, showers, and sinks are stained, you can clean them effectively using baking soda and vinegar. Prepare a mixture of these cleaning agents, apply it to the stains, and leave it there for about an hour to weaken stains before scrubbing them away. 

If you notice grout on the tiles, apply the baking soda-vinegar paste. Leave it for an hour before scrubbing the dirt off. Use a disinfectant, like bleach or vinegar, to wipe the surfaces of your toilet. Deep clean your toilet by leaving vinegar in the water tank overnight to remove grime. 

Likewise, remove the toilet seat and scrub the hinges. Disinfect the doorknobs, towel hangers, and light switches as well. Remember to dust the ceiling vent, too. 

5. Clean The Hallways And Living And Bedroom Spaces 

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Although these spaces are easier to clean, look out for spots that require more attention. Essentially, start by dusting the light fixtures and ceiling fans before moving to the walls and window casings. 

Pay attention to the material used on the walls. If they have glossy paint, you can scrub it to remove stains. If the walls have wallpaper, use a dry cloth to dust them before wiping gently with soapy water. Clean the window casings to remove grime or dust. 

6. Get A Professional To Clean The Floor

Floors can be challenging to deep clean, especially carpeted ones. Take note that floors can also be made of vinyl, slate, or hardwood. Although you can clean them by yourself, getting a professional floor cleaner allows you to give your floor a deep clean to remove accumulated allergens, dust, bacteria, or dirt. 

Either way, ensure that you clean the floors last, so you won’t make them dirty again when cleaning other parts of the house. 

Final Thoughts

Deep cleaning is an essential step to getting your new home ready. You need to plan your deep cleaning tasks well to ensure proper cleaning of all rooms in the house. If you intend to move into a new home soon, apply the six tips discussed here to deep clean your new home.

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