8 Coastal and Beach Decor Ideas for Making a Beach House for 2022


Vacation on a coastal beach may be the most wonderful and relaxing time of the year, and you’re so reluctant to leave when it comes to an end. So why not bring some cozy and casual coastal elements home and decorate your own relaxing beach house? Here are ten beach decor ideas to make your home a coastal and beachy living look.

Starfish Curtain Tieback

You may still be immersed in the fun of collecting starfish when walking along the beach. Find a large beige starfish with a cotton rope in the same color and tie it around a sandy-colored or a blue curtain. It can be used anywhere in the house, on the living room curtain, balcony curtain and even the bed net for a perfect beach look.

Living room designed as costal residence
Used with permission of Jenny Keenan

Wooden Dresser with Coastal Colored Paints

Paint an old wooden dresser with a coastal-themed color palette. Start with soft white from the top, brushing all the way down with light shades of sea turquoise and ending with a gentle deep shade. Then place some sea starfish, shells, clear glass bottles in white, blue and turquoise colors, and any other coastal decoration to complete the seaside look.

Coral and Shells Decorating Pieces

Don’t lock away the seashells, coral, driftwood and other decorative accents brought back from your beach holidays. Instead, put them in a group on your coffee table, bedside table to make a focal beach-looking point. You can also randomly set them on your bookshelves and blend them in books of all kinds and shapes, creating a casual coastal vibe.

Beach Seashell Throw Pillow

Shell-shaped pillows on a bed

Shell pillow is among the simplest ways to add the beach vibe you want. These adorable seashell-shaped throw pillows from GeeComfy are the very coastal decor for your sofa, lounge, or nook on an outdoor porch. Throw them around like the delicate and smooth seashells scattering on the beach, and they will be the perfect pops of colors to brighten up your room.

Coastal Wall Decor & Sea Life Prints

When you finish the sofa decorating, don’t forget the ample wall space around the room. You can fill the wall right behind the couch with several large framed prints of lively sea creatures. A hanging bowl made of rustic driftwood will match the one on the table. The wall signs in blue share the same beach style with the sofa decorations and the stand lamp.

Beachside Old Oars Wall Art

Collect some used, old oars and give them new life. Brush them with red, white, and blue paints roughly and fix them on the wall the artistic way you like. The worn board with a blue “Lake Life” sign hangs at the top to enhance the laid-back waterside living atmosphere. The lead-gray anchor sitting on the stool also adds a unique accent.

Rustic Net Glass Mason Jar

Hall with armchair and cabinet
Used with permission of Jenny Keenan

Want some coastal hint in small daily decor? The sailing and fishing elements will be a perfect accent. Get a rustic fishing or cargo net, wrapping it around a couple of turquoise mason jars. The combination of the sea color and natural twine will bring home the texture of the board and the ocean. The jars are perfect for candle holders or tiny vases.

Green Palms Decorations

Palms are the most common seaside plants, and they are sure to remind us of the cool breeze at the beach. Place one or two palm fronds in elegant vases of different shapes and sizes, and they will add enough fresh, natural beauty to anywhere they stand. The sharp leaves of the palm fronds can also be smooth lines that go well with the modern neutral decor.

Thanks to geecomfy.com for consulting.


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