Why Did My Boiler Stop Working?


If your boiler stopped working during a cold winter night, it might feel like the end of the world. After all, would you prefer taking a cold shower at 2 degrees Celcius? The RJ Martindale boiler repairs company has been swamped with numerous customers calling to ask why my boiler stopped working? So, we decided to write this quick guide to fix your boiler. It’s free of cost repair, saving you a Quid every time you refer to our blog post and fix your boiler. So here we go! 

Easy Fix For Boiler Not Working 

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If your boiler stopped working and it has given up, you might try everything from politely asking your boiler to work to giving it a good smack. However, the problem could be something so basic that it might seem silly to call a boiler repairer or something so serious that it left you with a silly bill. Let’s hope it’s not the latter, and your boiler starts working when you ask it politely. Here are some quick fixes for your boiler that will save you money and time. 

1. Check if the Boiler is On

A seemingly patronising and condescending statement, but believe us, boiler repair companies around the UK have been making money by switching on boilers for their customers. It can be a human error, or perhaps your boiler decided to kick back and relax. It doesn’t hurt to check if your boiler is switched on before calling a boiler repair company. 

2. Check For Low Pressure Before Panicking About Boiler Not Working

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Fortunately, boilers don’t lose their sanity too often. However, they do lose pressure. If your boiler keeps losing pressure now and then, it is probably time to dispose of your boiler because it has seen better days. However, if it’s the first time the old rusty is cranking up, you should wait and check if the problem is resolved. But if you are stuck in the shower covered with soap, call your local boiler repairman. 

3. Maybe The Pilot Light Went Off?

Sometimes caused by sudden drafts or your boiler giving up on being your slave, the pilot light goes off because the tiny flame burning the gas in your boiler is not alight. You will need to restart your boiler or reset it. If it doesn’t work after a restart, you don’t need to smack it with a stick or your palm. Calm down and call a heating engineer. 

The Final Flame of This Guide

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Sometimes, it’s best to schedule a proper interment for your boiler because it has been serving you for 10 years. But if your beast of a boiler has been doing well and only shown problems recently, you can refer to the tips given above. Best-case scenario, you end up fixing your boiler yourself. But if the above tips don’t solve your problem, you can try increasing the pressure in your boiler or resetting it. This fixes boiler not working problem 60% of the time. 

Thanks to rjmartindale.co.uk for consulting.


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