When should you use wood? Annette Frommer explains the pros and cons of wooden furniture


While many different decorating styles and materials have come and gone over the years, wood decor seems to be timeless. It was popular hundreds of years ago, and it is still popular today. This has to do with its relatively low costs, when compared to other materials such as marble or metal – but it’s not only about that.

“Anyone and everyone who knows my work knows that I am partial to using bespoke carpentry in my designs,” internationally acclaimed interior designer Annette Frommer told us, “and that I love to share my passion for wood and superior quality furniture with my clients.”

Having said that, it is important when working with wood to choose only the best manufacturers who know how to expertly turn a vision into breathtaking reality.  Artisans, for example, devotedly select the wood, prepare it for production, process it, assemble it, and finish and protect it so the result is exactly what the client had in mind.

There are advantages to using wood, as well as quite a few shortcomings. However, according to Frommer, the rewards from using good wood, meticulously crafted, most likely outweigh the failings.


Durable and Robust

Wooden library in home office
This study has been carefully planned, designed and executed to perfection. The library and wall paneling are from exquisite rich walnut wood. Photo: Elad Gonen

Wood is a strong material that lasts a long time, some say even forever. There is an intrinsic stability to a well made desk, book shelf, or dining table made of wood, no matter the type of wood chosen. By occasionally waxing, oiling and polishing your furniture, your solid wood piece of furniture will not only continue to radiate beauty and style, but also to maintain its value for years to come.

Stylish and warm

A light colored dresser in classic French style from solid oak. Note the tapering legs. You can feel the exacting standards of a master craftsman.
A light colored dresser in classic French style from solid oak. Note the tapering legs. You can feel the exacting standards of a master craftsman. Photo: Itai Sikolski

Whether you go for rich dark hues or a lighter colored wood, there is no denying that wood provides your space with dignity and warmth. Wood contains captivating patterns of fibers and grains, and its color spectrum is vast and enchanting.


Bathroom cabinetry in solid imbuia veneer.
Bathroom cabinetry in solid imbuia veneer. Photo: Elad Gonen

Whether you opt for a modern style or a traditional one, wood can be incorporated in any type of design scheme. Designers can go with pine, which is less expensive and great for dressers, or alternatively  to splurge on a cognac-colored grain of walnut.  There is oak, mahogany, maple, birch, cherry and many other types of wood suitable for the perfect piece of furniture. Each one has its defining qualities, and no matter the choice and budget, the result is guaranteed to be enchanting.


Some wood, though treated to withstand moisture, can be susceptible to fungus and rot in extremely moist conditions over time. If this is the case, one can choose a specific type of wood that is not so vulnerable to moisture. Wood can also warp, depending on age, humidity and temperature. It can shrink, swell or twist too. Also, as we know wood is flammable. So, if there is an issue with fire safety, wood is not the material to use.

Bottom line

To conclude, wood offers richness, warmth and finesse in every room of a home. The appeal that wooden pieces offer cannot be compared to that of other materials.  The use of quality wooden furniture transforms the ambiance of an entire room and/or home. The vast range of types of woods, the tones and colors, and the different textures and grains all offer endless design possibilities for one-of-a-kind pieces. So, even a small touch of wood is always worth it.

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