List of Gadgets You Should Own When You Move to a New House


Moving to a new home can be a daunting task. Even more so when you’re moving to a new place on your own for the first time, leaving behind the home you grew up in. In such cases, one has to collect home necessities from scratch. There are multiple things you must keep in mind when you move. From figuring out the legalities to remembering every little thing you must buy to settle down in your new home, sorting everything can be rather difficult. It is useful, in such times, for there to be a list of essentials you can refer to when you’re planning out the essentials you need to buy.

For this purpose, we bring you a list of basic essentials that every household needs to make it comfortable. Of course, gadgets and basic amenities needs vary from person to person, but having a general gist of what you might need can prove useful. Read further to see everything you may need.

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Starting with the kitchen, there are multiple necessary and some additional gadgets that you will require to have a functioning kitchen. Below are examples for the same:

  1. Stove top – Stove tops are perhaps the most essential kitchen gadget to own. Whether you’re someone who enjoys cooking or someone who is learning how to cook, having a stove top at home can be life changing. These days, the need for cylinders for stove tops have been eliminated as natural gas pipelines are connected directly to stove tops. This has made them not only environmentally-friendly but also affordable. You can also consider buying a stove top with an induction plate attached. Induction tops heat up instantly and can speed up your cooking process. No need to wait for several hours for your pasta to boil. Just use your induction stove and have boiled pasta in minutes!
  1. Microwave – Microwaves are a kitchen essential these days. They are time saving and can quickly steam vegetables, defrost meat, or reheat your food. You can even use microwaves to make satiating meals thanks to their multiple functions that can be used for different purposes. Did you know, you can even boil potatoes in a microwave in a shorter time than boiling in a pot of water? Save time, energy and get yummy meals using this versatile gadget!
  1. Oven – Ovens may not seem like an essential but owning an oven can truly upgrade your cooking. You can add cheese on top of your pasta and give it a crispy delicious crust. Bake some cakes or make baked meals. Try innovative meals or make your present meals even more spectacular with the help of an oven.
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  1. Stand Mixer – An essential in Indian households where kneading dough is a daily task to make various kinds of breads such as rotis and parathas, a stand mixer is a good gadget to own. It saves you time and energy that it’d take to knead dough by hand everyday. Plus if you’re a baker you’ll know that stand mixers are a lifesaver!
  1. Water purifier – Increasing pollution and high levels of minerals/solid pollutants in water have become common in today’s world. In order to have clean drinking water, owning a water purifier is essential. Before you choose which water purifier you need, you must get the water in your taps tested. Accordingly you can choose to invest in either the best RO water purifier or you can get a UV based filter. Conduct thorough research before deciding which purifier you buy!
  1. Dishwasher – Dishwashers are not an essential in most households but are a great addition. They are time saving and environment friendly. Plus they eliminate the need to do dishes a few times a day, a task I’m sure most people dislike. For working families that tend to be busy all day, dishwashers can be a life saver. You can simply keep placing the dirty dishes throughout the day in the machine and turn it on just before sleeping. This way all the dishes for the day will be done in one go without much effort!
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Apart from the kitchen, other areas of the house also need some essential and non-essential gadgets. Geysers or water heaters are a necessary addition to your bathroom. Depending on how much hot water you need and how quickly, you can choose the appropriate geyser for your home. The living room is another room that requires multiple gadgets. A 4k TV along with a home theatre system are almost essential today’s day. They will provide you the cinematic, immersive experience you crave at home.

Imagine sitting in your PJs and watching your favourite TV shows and movies in cinema hall-level quality along with a surround sound speaker system. Sounds like your dream life? Don’t worry, it is all available at affordable prices and is easy to set up! Just remember to measure the area you wish to install your TV and home theatre system in before investing in them!

Lastly, if you have any security concerns, you can invest in a CCTV camera system. These can help you keep an eye on who is coming and going from your home. Even while you’re away at the office you can easily keep an eye on your home, which is a great advantage for working professionals.

Moving to a new house can be daunting and it is always nice to have references from where you can take inspiration from. Thoroughly research every product before you buy it and ensure you make a comprehensive list before you are ready to move so that you can have all the devices you need to make your move comfortable!

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