Top 6 Home Lighting Mistakes You Could Be Making


One of the best ways to enhance the look and ambience of a home is by putting proper lighting. Today, this does so much more than just light up the home since it’s also a part of the design and architectural element. Even with a small space, you can elevate it with simple changes in your lighting.

You may not be aware but perhaps in your home, you’ve already started to commit some of the common lighting mistakes. You’ll want to avoid this to prevent wasting time and resources believing your lighting is good when it’s not doing so much for your home apart from illuminating it.

Usual Lighting Mistakes At Home

For your awareness, here are the top home lighting mistakes you could be making, so you can correct them with the help of your trusted electrician:

1. Too Many Downward Lights In The Kitchen

The kitchen isn’t the right place to put downward lights. Otherwise, the result could be the light shining toward the floor and not on the countertops where it’s supposed to be for the most impact. Remember, your countertop is where you’ll be doing a lot of work in your kitchen. So you need to have a well-illuminated kitchen to see what you’re doing.

2. Misuse Of Overhead Lights In The Bathroom

Overhead lights are nice to have in those areas where you’re trying to highlight some features and spaces. It becomes misused only when these are lighting up the wrong spaces like the bathroom. It’s a wrong idea to have overhead lights because this will affect your image. It’ll cast shadows in the wrong places like under your eyes and chin. This will create an unflattering aura, which will make it difficult for you to do your makeup.

Along this line, you may also want to stay away from yellow vanity lights. White works best, so you’ll get the right colors done on your face.

3. Failing To Illuminate Distinct Details

There are certain areas in your home that are best illuminated. But if you aren’t lighting things correctly, then you may be showcasing the wrong spaces.

For instance, one of the most common mistakes in homes is lighting up a dry and blank wall, which is often the least expensive and least flattering part of any space. When you illuminate a blank wall, you are highlighting what’s lacking: decoration and details.

Especially when your home has spotlights, be sure these are illuminating the areas wherein details are called for. For instance, shelves with décor and personal memorabilia, stone walls, molding, and arches could be highlighted.

4. Too Bright Or Too Dull

Lighting also needs to have the right brightness. If it’s too bright, it may be harsh on your eyes. If the lights are dull, then you might as well just have skipped putting lights at all.

With technology, you can enjoy more settings in your lights. It’s more than just having a switch on and off. You can have dim settings to control how bright the lights are without necessarily switching it off to its darkest setting.

5. Disproportionate Chandeliers

Some rooms in a house are better with accent lighting. But more than just matching the space, it’s important to keep the chandelier or accent lights proportionate to the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. You wouldn’t want to put in lights too big and too long in a space where the room is small. It’ll only look forced and it’ll make your home look unstylish.

6. Not Installing Multiple Light Sources

Similar to the dim settings where you should have a variety as to how bright you want a room to be, another common mistake committed is when you don’t install multiple light sources.

This means you should have different switches, so you can control the areas in a specific room to illuminate. For example, you may want to have small pin lights on each corner and one big light in the middle. In this way, you won’t have to switch everything on, especially come daytime when it’s not necessary to have all lights up to their brightest.


These are only some of the few ways bad lighting may have been affecting your home’s overall comfort and ambience. When you address the mistakes above, you’ll find your home looking so much better.

As minimal as lighting may be, it creates a tremendous effect on giving you a vibrant surrounding. Good lighting doesn’t just make your home look better, but it also improves the overall feel you have in your home. Thanks to Greenelec for consulting!


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