Beginners Guide to Making Lighting Look Vibrant in Your Home.


Lighting can make a home warm and inviting, oppressive, or outright dull and boring. Artificial lighting is especially important if the house doesn’t benefit from natural light. Homeowners can change out fixtures and even move the location. Renters often don’t have this option, and some tenancy agreements don’t also allow renters to paint the walls and hang pictures. There are so many light accessories on the market that it is quick and easy to change the overall appearance of a room with artificial light alone.


If changing the entire light fixture isn’t an option, light shade can add flare to a room. When selecting a light shade, don’t just consider how it looks on the shop shelf or even simply picture it hanging from the ceiling. Think about how the light will diffuse through it and where it will land. A light shade creates shadows, which may not be so good for someone who needs a lot of light, such as an artist. They also collect dust.

Bare Bulbs.

If the bulbs are to be kept bare, there’s no reason why the light should be ugly. An artist may require brilliant white light, but it doesn’t need to be like that all the time. Colour changing and dimming bulbs are available, even if you don’t have a smartphone or trust the WiFi connection enough to give it control over the mood of your home. Colour changing and dimming bulbs also come in remote control options.

Emergency Lights.

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If you’re even less trusting and don’t want to fumble around in the dark, you may want to consider something that mimics the emergency lighting in commercial buildings. If you live in an apartment block or student halls, you already have some form of this. Emergency lights provide guidance to escape if the power is cut and a building is plunged into darkness. It is meant to come on automatically. Think those green signs pointing to an exit. There’s so much more to it than exit signs. Escape routes need to be covered with some form of light, as do stairways. Emergency light testing needs to be carried out to make sure they function, and repairs need to be made.

Floor Lighting.

If you’re taking influence from emergency light systems, consider floor lighting. It doesn’t need to be too expensive to look glam. If you live in a house, adding a few glow in the dark strips, particularly to the staircases can ease the mind in the event of an emergency and make the home look stylish. LED floor lighting needs to be wired in.

Fairy Lights.

Fairy lights aren’t just for the festive period. They can be chosen from as range of colours and shapes. They can even be changed with the seasons, or if that isn’t enough, monthly alterations can add flare to a dull room. They can be purchased with mains or USB plug-in options or battery powered. Thanks to Hexo Services for collaborating

Lighting is more than function. It is mood.


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