Mattress Buying Guide


Focus on comfort

Your own comfort is the most important thing when choosing a mattress. No matter how much you spend on a mattress, you are not going to have quality sleep if you are not comfortable on it. There are factors you have to consider when looking for a mattress, e.g. type of material used, firmness, and size of the mattress.

Look for a mattress that is best for you, and not everyone

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a mattress that is said to be the best for everyone. Avoid the experts hailing a given type to be the best ever. You should be looking for a mattress that is best for you.

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Choose the right size

If you have a narrow bed that is making you feel restricted, then you should consider getting a double bed since it is more spacious. A queen size might be large if you use it alone, but it can be a good option for those who want extra space. California king– or king-sized mattresses offer a lot of space for couples and have been designed for master bedrooms. There are some challenges you may have to deal with when moving a mattress this size.

Softer is not better

When the mattress is too soft, it sags under the middle area of the spine, which can result in back pain because of poor posture.

A good but expensive option is an adjustable air bed. You control how soft or firm using a remote. This ensures you are safe even if you don’t test the mattress.



Multi-zoned beds are good alternatives for those who cannot afford adjustable beds. Choose mattresses that have different support zones. Look for those that are firmer in the mid-spine areas and softer at the hips and shoulders area. Thanks to for consulting on this post.

Firmness labels are not accurate

Different brands have different definitions when it comes to firmness. What one brand considers extra firm might be another brand’s medium firm. Don’t trust these labels because they mislead. Read these Ikea mattress reviews and find out what other customers are saying.

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Testing the mattress

Most stores will allow you to lie on the mattresses so you can test how it feels.

Reading consumer reviews if you are buying online

When you read consumer reviews, you get an idea of popular mattresses in the market. This helps you narrow down your options. You will focus on a couple of options, which makes things easier for you.

Firmer is not better

The firmness needs to be enough to provide support to your spine and body. Too much of it is going to result in uncomfortable pressure points, which prevents the spine from maintaining its natural curve as you sleep.

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