Do Plasma Air Purifiers Produce Ozone?


Air purifiers have proved beneficial devices not only in our homes but also in workplaces. Various purifiers with different efficiency levels. Plasma air purifiers can trap the smallest foreign agents in the air that other options cannot. They help to eliminate all possible foreign agents available in the air we breathe. But do plasma air purifiers produce ozone?

Studies indicate that there are a lot of air purifiers in the market that produces ozone. Ozone is a dangerous gas that can kill if you get exposed to too much of it. In this topic, we shall provide an idea of whether the plasma models are free of ozone.

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Do Plasma Air Purifiers Produce Ozone?

The work of plasma air purifiers is to reduce foreign agents in the air we breathe. These devices work by emitting ions that suppress all possible pollutants in the air. The ions the plasma air purifiers use to eliminate foreign agents have similar makeup with water. The negative and positive ions separate the foreign agents from the air and later rejoin to become large molecules.

Plasma air purifiers get designed with filters that can trap the smallest possible molecules. After the ions combine with the harmful agents, they form bigger molecules that won’t penetrate through the filters. According to  kitchen plasma air purifier options emerge as low-cost models that can do wonders in a household. Their maintenance costs are lower since they require frequent filter replacement, as we see with other options. But then, do plasma air purifiers produce ozone?

Yes, these air purifiers produce ozone. However, they produce it as a byproduct in the electrical discharge process. In the purification process, oxygen gets split down into elemental oxygen. The elemental molecules later attach themselves to the surrounding oxygen that leads to the formation of ozone.

Used with permission of Kara Miller Interiors, photographer: Brantley Photography

Amount of Ozone that they Produce

We have an idea that the plasma air cleaners produce ozone gas. But then, what amount of these gas do they produce? Further, we have an idea that ozone is a dangerous gas when exposed to an excessive part of it. So, what is that excessive amount that can affect your health?

Authorities have placed strict rules regarding the use of devices that emit ozone. This is a dangerous gas, and we should at all cost minimize exposure to it. Ozone is safest when produced in the amount of between 0 and 50 ppb. Anything beyond this limit can affect different people in different ways.

The value of air purifiers differs with the kind of features and specifications they boast. For instance, those producing ozone are relatively cheaper than those that don’t emit this dangerous gas. Our budgets differ; some people need to spend more on the devices, and others might get a setback. Below are tips that will keep you going if you intend to buy a purifier producing ozone.

The set standard ozone limit by the authorities stands at 0.05 ppm. Therefore, ensure you stay at the lowest limit possible if you use such a device. The ozone production numbers of plasma air purifiers differ. Normally, these numbers are indicated on them. If a device lacks the number, then probably its production number lies between 0 and 0.05.

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Some people suffer from respiratory problems like asthma and other allergies. Air purifiers producing ozone aren’t their devices. Getting exposed to even the lowest amount of ozone can make them more susceptible to these problems.

When shopping for ozone generators, you must check well the ozone information of that device. Other manufacturers actually don’t disclose that information, and people rush to concluding that they don’t produce ozone. However, this is not usually the case; ensure you double-check to get precise information about the device.

Sufficient ventilation turns up as an important thing when using plasma air purifiers. Produced ozone in the process will disperse if there is adequate ventilation. Therefore, it’s advisable to ensure you open windows when operating these devices.

Benefits of Plasma Air Purifiers

Before concluding the discussion, it’s essential to look at the benefits of plasma air purifiers. Even though they produce ozone, they make crucial gadgets in our homes in different ways. When people think about environmental pollution, their minds roles between industrial emissions and smoke. Consequently, studies show that indoor air has more pollutants than outdoor air.

In addition, most people spend most of the time in their houses. For such reasons, dealing with indoor air pollution is essential to breathe the freshest air throughout. This prevents us from air pollution-related risks that we are prone to.

The common indoor air pollutants in houses include pet dander, dust mites, dust, mold spores, and pollen. These are the common causes of allergies and illnesses, including recurring headaches, watery eyes, asthma, and fatigue. Moreover, the foreign agents in the air possess harmful gases that threaten our health.

Used with permission of Kara Miller Interiors, photographer: Brantley Photography

Harmful gases in the air we breathe come from used materials like paints, building materials, varnishes, and cleaning solutions. Other gases include fuel combustion fumes and tobacco smoke. All these can cause severe respiratory illnesses that will cost you a lot of money to get medication. With the help of plasma air purifiers, you have a solution to such problems.


So, do plasma air purifiers produce ozone? Not all air purifiers produce this dangerous gas. However, there are few in the market producing it as a byproduct. Plasma air purifiers emerge among the models that produce ozone.

However, the amount they produce is relatively low. Even though they have low emissions, there is a need to prevent overexposure to them. The smallest amount can affect people with allergies and other big problems in different ways. Use plasma air purifiers to get the best from them. Thanks to for consulting.


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