How to install a toilet paper holder


As we all know, a toilet paper rack is an indispensable item in every family’s toilet. Therefore, knowing to install the best toilet paper holder is essential. So how can I install a toilet paper rack? Here we introduce five easy steps to install a toilet paper rack.

Designed bathroom
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Preparing instruments

  • Drill
  • Countersink
  • Protective glasses
  • Rulers
  • Hammer
  • 4-sided screwdriver
  • Ink pen or pencil

5 essential steps to install a toilet paper holder

Step 1: Determine where to mount and balance the brackets

Should install at a location near the toilet bowl, within reach of hands to easily remove the paper when needed. Toilet paper is easy to absorb water, so never choose a too low position, install the rack about 1 meter from the floor. After selecting the appropriate installation location. Use a ruler on the shelf and align until the air bubbles in the liquid column are centered. The support axis is then parallel to the horizontal plane. By doing so, your scroll won’t slip out and fall, Then use a marker to mark the position to attach the frame to the wall.

Designed bathroom
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Step 2: Mark the hole for the mounting bracket

First, place the frame on the highlighted position. Use a pen to mark the points in the holes that people usually screw through. Remember when the markup must be very accurate. Because only slightly deviated, the parts will no longer fit together, and drilling again is inevitable. Indeed you will feel uncomfortable when there are some unnecessary holes in the wall.

Step 3: Drill the anchor hole and insert the anchor into the hole

At the position marked in step 2, you choose a drill with the right size, use training and drill up the wall. Then insert the anchors into the holes just drilled. You can use a screwdriver to screw or use a hammer to hammer to anchor deep into the wall.

Step 4: Screw the screw to fix the frame to the wall

Place the frame on the position to be installed, using a screwdriver to twist the anchor through the frame hole. In this step, you need to make sure to rotate the torsion screw firmly, turning it until the frame no longer moves. Otherwise, your toilet paper racks will be loose and quickly slip off.

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Step 5: Attach the base to the bracket and tighten the setscrew

This is the action to fix the toilet paper base to the frame. Then install the two ends of the shelf on the two floors and finally put the toilet paper roll in the rack.


Each type of brackets have different structures and designs, so their installation is not entirely the same. However, based on the above five necessary steps, you can install one toilet paper wall for your own family. Thanks to for consulting.



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