Easy DIY College Dorm Hacks


Getting set for college is a different set of feelings altogether. Leaving home for school means that you are going to undertake a different routine. It is sometimes intimidating to leave your home brothers and sisters and start a new life far from them. Don’t worry because as time goes, you will create new friends, some of whom you will consider brothers and sisters.

The idea here is that you will, in the end, get used to the new environment you might find irritating in the first place. Therefore, as part of ThesisHelpers, this informative piece covers some of the easiest dorm hacks that will make your life at college more comfortable than ever before.

Include a bedside table 

More often, you will miss your perfect bedroom look and experience while at home. Therefore, it is more comfortable to generate a suitable environment by trying some related pieces of furniture. As you move into college, you will realize the greater need for a floating bedside table. It is one convenient place that will enable you to conveniently place water bottles, reading lambs, phones for charging overnight, etc.  

Bedside table with a lamp
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Get a raised bed to maximize storage space

If you feel your room is small, you can consider maximizing the space through your bed. The underneath of every bed should at least have enough space for storing one or two essential items. It helps save open space for flexibility in the dorm. You can also opt to customize your bed to meet most of your storage requirements. 

String lights 

If you need some extra light, you can consider generating additional spaces for desk and floor lamps. Doing so will also help incorporate the usual experience you are used to in your stay at home. 

Include photo strings on clotheslines 

If your school poses restrictive measures and rules, you don’t have to get worried. One best way to ensure you customize your dorm into a home-like experience is to include a creative décor element that demands less tape.

An organizer pinboard to serve various roles

If you are among students with a more significant concern for organization, then this technique is right here for you. Don’t worried about all the clutter in your area of stay. One of the critical considerations to consider to remove disorganization in the dorm is to consider an organized pinboard that will serve a range of purposes altogether.  

Pinboard with envelopes, earplugs, pictures
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A magnetic makeup board enclosed in a frame

If you are among students who won’t do it with at least some makeup, you can find relief in the magnetic makeup board. It is essential to establish the best storage locations for your cosmetics, and one with a frame will serve all your needs and increase the beauty in the dorm. 

Ironing wall mounted as a pop-up wall

You will often find a hard time ironing your clothes, especially if you live in a tiny room. However, this innovative feature provides a better solution for all your ironing needs. It is a special ironing board mounted on the wall to ensure you have a better ironing experience. 

Removable washi tape shelf decor

It is one of the best décor solutions you can consider to give your dorm a perfect look. If you are done with better furniture and add some minor customizations, this additional décor is an excellent top-up to your dorm appearance.  

Washi tape
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Particleboard headboard

If you miss some of the best home experiences during bedtime, you can confidently go for this option and add some décor around your bed. Enjoy a perfect experience in your new setting.   

Colored storage drawer inserts

If you have been using usual drawers with no color feel, you can add some color and attractiveness to your storage drawer inserts. You will enjoy a perfect experience in a newly-looking environmental setting.  

Stacking crate book storage

Do you need to store your books safely as you use space in the dorm in a practical way? An important consideration is to stack your books into a special plastic or wooden crate. It is a better way of keeping your books rather than piling them on the floor. You can also try several other dorm customization options such as Bungee cord book storage, mounting folder paper organizers on walls, and enjoy a perfect stay in your college room.   

Books in wooden crate with mirrors and picture in a frame
Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash


One of the most significant worries of most college students is transiting into a new life that will demand personal organization. Some of the students have enjoyed better services at home. Still, starting school life means undependability and, therefore, learning how to incorporate a home experience into some of the college’s rooms.

The above and many other techniques will guide you through a perfect experience in your dorm at college. Do not live in a disorganized room when you can make it the best place with a few hacks. Thanks to thesishelpers.com for consulting.


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