Create A Focal Point in Any Interior


If you want to make a long-lasting statement about your house to your visitors without saying much, ensure your living room does it. You don’t have to replace everything in your living room with the most expensive ones in the market. No. All you’ll need is a statement-making focal point, where you can emphasize your design and unique taste of fashion. The same applies if you’re selling the house. 

Two chairs and coffee table with a big window in the background
Used with permission of Christina Wikman

So, what is a focal point? If that’s your question, read on.

A focal point is a particular feature in your room deliberately designed to capture your attention the moment you get in there. It could be a wall that’s lightly and uniquely coloured and have every other thing in the room dull, a gallery wall, a large portrait or painting, natural or built-in features like a fireplace, large windows that give a panoramic view into your compound, and such. 

Because first impression matters, a focal point is a very critical element for selling your home. In such a backdrop, you might have to run your mind through many articles, but yet to succeed on how you can create a good, eye-catching focal point in your living room or any other space. 

You might want to create a particular defining and statement-making focal point that instantly draws the mind of your buyer every time they enter the room. Having a focal point can be a bother, but there is ample information to get you going. With this article, you’ll get unique, reliable ideas on how to spotlight your room’s focal point.

Well, one thing you’ve got to remember is to make your focal the star of the room, meaning every other thing in the room will have to point to it.

Bookshelf and table with chairs and vase with flowers
Used with permission of Christina Wikman

For instance, you may be having a brick wall as your focal point. To highlight it, you may arrange the seats around it. That will make it the area of focus. Moreover, you can pepper the wall with some art, not making the wall too busy but ensuring that it looks unique and simple.

You Never Have to Replace the Focal Point

Generally speaking, every room has its focal point. Therefore, to make it hassle-free and more affordable, you’d not need to change the focal point or bring in something else to replace it. Instead, you may choose to refresh or renovate it.

You may go for fresh painting. If you have a fireplace as your focal point, you may restore its appearance by repainting it, bringing out some eye-catching piece of art just above the mantle. You may also need to change the room’s layout so that the fireplace reserves the honour of showing off its sweet, unique design.

Blue and white living room with sofa, table, chairs and TV on the wall in the background
Used with permission of Timothy Godbold

You might be having windows as your focal point. Ideally, in this case, there is always an eye-catching feature out there that catches your eyes. Your windows have to big enough for you to achieve that. You will have to make sure that the panes are transparent to maintain an unobscured view.

Lastly, lighting is a powerful tool to crown your focal point, especially if it’s a wall or a fireplace. You also don’t want to have more than one focal point in a single room. It won’t work. Thanks to for consulting.


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