How to prepare for a move with a professional moving company


Moving is one of the most stressful processes because there is a lot of work involved. You have to worry about your belongings, reaching your new home safely and on time. There are a lot of other things that require your attention when moving. You have to think about your modern workplace and your kids’ new school. All of this can be stressful, but you can avoid some of it by hiring a professional moving company. Some choose to move on their own, but most of the time, they regret once they realize how much work it is. Making a small mistake when moving can be very costly.

The best option is letting professionals help you with your move. They have a lot of experience and are in a good position to ensure your move is stress-free. You will have enough time to focus on other essential things. You will have peace of mind knowing professional movers are handling your move. How can you prepare for a move with a professional moving company?

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A couple of weeks before the day of the move, try doing at least one cleaning task a day. You can choose a day to clean your bedroom. Clean out the closet and drawers, and donate any items that you think you won’t wear again (these are those clothes that you have not worn in one year). This lightens the movers’ load and saves you a lot in associated labor costs and packing materials.

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Purchasing packaging supplies

Unless you are getting the moving company’s supplies, it is a good idea to stock up early on bubble wrap, boxes, packing tape, and sharpies. The last thing you want is to be shopping around for these things on the day of your move. The packing supplies needed are going to be more than what you think. You might have to make a couple of visits to the supply store (or a couple of shipments on Amazon), or you also check tips on any moving website.

Labeling the boxes wisely

If you decide to pack things yourself instead of leaving it to movers, it is essential to label the boxes correctly. Some of the tips to help you with labeling include;

– Labelling the room in your home that the box belongs in

– Labeling boxes containing fragile items by writing “FRAGILE”

– For those items that you will need immediately need when you reach your new home, label them “LOAD LAST.”

Ensure you have labeled the boxes clearly so that the movers can know what to do with them. Your movers are going to thank you because you have made things easier for them.

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Checking in with the moving company

Before the day of the move, call the moving company to review your schedule and plan. Ensure that you and the moving agent have the correct contact information to reach each other and the correct day of moving. This is going to help you avoid last-minute problems that many people go through. Other than this, if you get stuck in your moving process, make sure you go through the moving information website to make your move less stressful.

Preparing your appliances

There are some tasks that movers are not going to do. One of them is disconnecting your appliances – like your washer/dryers, refrigerator. Or anything connected to a utility – for you. To avoid wasting time on the day of the move, you should disconnect the appliances in advance.

Gathering your paperwork and keeping it in a safe place

It is a good idea to have necessary paperwork like Social Security Card and birth certificate with you when moving instead of keeping it with your other stuff as you move. Some of the items you need to have with you include; bill of lading, birth certificates and Social Security cards, high-value inventory form, Driver licenses, passports, vehicle registration and auto insurance information, mortgage/lease documents for the old and new addresses, and medical records.

Having a plan for your kids and pets

Have a plan in place to keep your kids and pets out of the way of the movers. Movers need enough space to do their work effectively and efficiently. It is also essential to do this because of the safety of your kids and pets.

Packing a “first-night” box

It would help if you labeled this box “load last” because it will contain the things you will need when you get to your new home. This will include items such as a new shower curtain, cleaning supplies, toothbrushes, first aid kit, toilet paper, towels, bedsheets, blankets, and pillows.

Doing this will make things very easy for you because you don’t have to start opening many boxes trying to find something you need. All you have to do is find the box you have labeled and remove whatever you need.

Hiring a professional moving company is an excellent way to avoid stress and ensure your belongings reach your new home safely. The above tips are going to help you a lot. Thanks to My Long Distance Movers for consulting


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