5 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive


Are you bored with the current styling of your home? Do you wish to make it more comfortable, classy, and expensive without having to spend too much? Is it possible, or is it too difficult to achieve?


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Don’t you worry as there are indeed simple, doable ways to ensure your home looks more expensive! The best part is, you do not need to borrow or withdraw all your hard-earned money. You do not need to keep on dreaming, because you can make it a reality. You may probably ask, how is that even possible? If you always see the bigger picture, the ways to make this happen are actually through ways you never imagined would work in the first place.

To get this started, here are the five simple, inexpensive ways to make your abode look like a million dollars:

Laundry room

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Install a home video wall.

Due to the evolving technological advancements, LED and LCD screens for home video walls are becoming more popular as more people choose to install them in their homes’ comfort. The good news is, you can, too! It doesn’t matter where you place it, because wherever it is, it still gives the feeling of being in awe. There are several advantages to installing a home video wall, as it does a lot of wonders! If you are hosting a party soon, the digital screens for video wall hardware make it possible to present creative, entertaining, and captivating pictures, videos, even movies of your choice. Home video walls never disappoint. It always gives a lasting impression to anyone who sees it.


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Use a rug.

Rugs are underrated. It may even be the last thing on the list when it comes to home beautification. The hidden reality is, rugs can help make your home expensive! Oriental and Persian rugs are excellent examples of the kind of rugs that give such a homey and comfortable feeling in your home. It may look simple, but that is precisely what makes it luxurious. However, it is vital to note in buying the right size of a rug. It goes well with your living room, and having it extended towards your furniture is ideal.

Paint your home with modern hues.

Gone were the days when the house needs to be a mix of different colors to look appealing. Re-painting your home is one of the ways you can do it to make it more expensive. The tricky part is deciding on the colors that look well with what you already have. Neutral colors are one of the best choices you can pull off as it works well with other bright colors. This part may be time-consuming and challenging, but it does give your home a whole new look!


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Declutter and be a minimalist.

Contrary to what most people believe, the lesser the things, the more expensive it looks. It is indeed right to say “less is more” because if you have several appliances or furniture, it is hard to maintain, and it looks messy. Therefore, the best thing to do is to get rid of the things you do not need. Make room for your needs, and make it to the point of instilling minimalism as the basis of your home’s design.

Create a mirror wall.

There are two significant benefits of creating a mirror wall: it makes your home look expensive and makes your area look even larger! The latter is the secret of creating an illusion that makes a bold statement. The mirror wall you can create depends on your area’s size, budget, and type you wish to purchase. However, there is no need to worry as mirror walls are cheaper than you think. The best thing you need to do is to find where the greatest deal is and achieve your mirror wall dream in no time!

There are more ways to make your home look more expensive, yet these five tips can make it work without much thought, effort, and money! However, it is best to remember that the key to making the expensive home of your dreams is by unleashing the creativity in you. Thanks to Land of Rugs for consulting.








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