What Should You Know About Wall Decals?



Wall decals offer a quick and stunning way to decorate your home without damaging your walls. Contrary to the misconception, wall decals can also be placed on smooth surfaces like windows, mirrors, doors, laptops, and furniture. Here we have shared everything you wanted to know about lovely wall decals.

Why Would You Want to Use Decals in the First Place?

Decals are good for cleansing your home of sad vibes and bad moods. For example, rainbow wall decals can be useful to create a happy atmosphere when expecting a baby. These decals can personalise and decorate your personal space, highlighting the baby’s nesting phase or arrival. By using these decals, you will definitely have the sensations of happiness over time. You will also impress your friends, roommates, and family by installing these decals.

bedroom wall decals

Can These Decals Be Applied on Any Walls?

This depends on the material and adhesive used in wall decal making. According to experts, these decals can be used on PVS, painted walls, nitrocellulose paints, and polystyrene. Before applying these decals, make sure the wall surface is smooth and even.

Experts do not recommend wall decals for rough, bumpy, or textured walls, such as eggshell painted surfaces. Eggshell paints contain small amounts of silicone, and sticky things do not work well on these walls. Bumpy walls create air pockets and prevent the adhesive from working effectively. Wall decals are also not recommended for non-painted cement or brick surfaces.

What Are Decals Made Of?

The popular ones like rainbow wall decals consist of thick matte coated self-adhesive paper, free from unnecessary plastics and chemicals. These decals are made from paper from sustainable sources. The adhesive used in decals is made of pressure sensitive water-based acrylic. The print on wall decals contains solvent-free, completely non-toxic, and odourless latex colours that look great on any walls.

bedroom wall decals

Do Wall Decals Damage Paint While Removing?

For most wall decals, removability is recommended up to one year. If you leave wall decals for longer periods, they are more likely to damage paint during removal. Hence, you need to follow removal instructions coming with products.

Can Decals Be Applied on Newly Painted Surfaces?

You should wait for at least a month before applying wall decals on newly painted surfaces. The paint surface should be completely dry before applying wall decals. Paints are known to release gases until they dry out. If you use decals on a freshly painted surface, it can lead to bubbles due to out-gassing. This will affect the beauty of the decals.

bedroom wall decals

How to Clean Surfaces Before Sticking Decals?

Use a sponge or moist cloth to clean wipe the surface before applying decals. Make sure the surface is completely dry before applying the decal. Also, make sure the cleaning solutions applied to the surface are also removed completely before applying decals.

Can Decals Be Used in Bathrooms?

If the decals are intended to be used on surfaces like mirrors, you can use them in bathrooms. Read the product’s instructions to know which are ideal places or surfaces to use the wall decals. If the product information mentions, it is safe to use decals on tiles, you can apply them on bathroom tiles.

bedroom wall decals

But, you must take a few precautions. The wall decals need to be applied on dry surfaces, so don’t use the bathroom for at least 3 hours before applying decals. Make sure the surface where you plan to stick decals is completely dry. After sticking the decals, avoid using the bathroom for at least 3 hours. Don’t splash hot water on decals as it softens the adhesive.

Wall decals can give any place a fresh look. This essential information about wall decals will remove any confusion about these popular decorating products. Thanks to Never Never Shop for consulting


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