8 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great


Surrounding yourself with a pleasant smell can calm your body and mind. The smell of your home is one of the first things that people notice when they visit. Sometimes, you might not be aware of it because, the longer you are exposed to scent, the less you perceive it. A great smell in your home speaks well about you and your home. It also enhances your mood and that of everyone around you. We have listed eight easy ways to make your home smell great:

A mixture of baking soda, rosemary and lavender on your carpet

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Prepare a mixture of baking soda, dried rosemary, and lavender oil, and sprinkle on your carpet, then let it sit for at least 15 minutes, then vacuum as usual. You can now enjoy your clean and freshly scented room. Additionally, learn more about Cleanzen who shares new tips daily on their blog.

Add essential oils to your air filter

 Want your whole house to smell fresh, one of the easiest ways is to add a dryer sheet to a few drops of essential oil of your choice on your air filter, so as the air passes through, so does the scent.

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Pay attention to garbage disposal

We all love the garbage disposal because it is convenient.  But when we use it frequently without cleaning and maintaining it, it can cause an unpleasant stinky odour that can be unbearable. To make your disposal smell good, put lemon peels with water into ice cube trays, freeze and run it through your disposal. The ice cubes are naturally abrasive to help clean the blades, while the peels act as deodorizers.

Try homemade air refreshers

The air refreshers that we buy in the market are not only pricey, but they sometimes contain chemicals that are harmful to our health. Just water and a few drops of essential oil, with or without fragrance can give you a pleasant smell right away.

Apply essential oils to light bulbs

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Add a drop or two of essential oil on a light bulb. As the bulb warms, you will perceive the subtle scent. It is that simple. This tip is also applicable to a warmer, and it works well.

Put fragrant plants in your home

Plants are a natural air freshener, and nothing adds brightness, coziness, and beauty to your home like indoor plants. Therefore, try indoor plants such as lavender, lemon tree, herb, gardenia to freshen the air, and also make your home beautiful.

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Keep tea bags in small confined places

Rooms that stay closed such as storerooms are not adequately ventilated and they can easily become squalid. One of the easiest ways to keep small spaces smelling good, is to use tea bags, just hang a few tea bags that contain spices like cinnamon at the back of the door. The aroma usually lasts for only few days, hence, you need to replace the tea bags often.

Put herbs and spices in bathrooms as deodorizers

Put dried herbs and spices like cinnamon in a small cotton bag. Hang these small pouches around the house. Especially in the bathroom where the ventilation is inadequate. These herbs and spices act as great deodorizers giving you a fresh and clean atmosphere at all times. Thanks to Cleanzen for contributing


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