5 Most Common Home Décor Choices That Could Have Unexpected Consequences


Decorating a home can be quite exhilarating because the home decor is a reflection of the owner’s personality as he chooses wall colors and décor items according to his liking. But, nothing ruins the décor of your home more than the presence of pests, and unfortunately almost every homeowner has encountered this problem in his lifetime.

Little do we know that our décor choices can make our homes attractive to pests, and this oblivion can lead to a full-blown infestation, which can be quite heavy on your pocket as you will have to get some professional help. Therefore, we have listed here the five most common décor choices that lead to pest issues because your ideal home shall not include pests.

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Dark Colored Tones:

Dark-colored tones in a well-lit home can add a lot of personality and elegance to the interior of your home, but it can attract some insects like mosquitoes and flies. Mosquitoes love the colors of darker hues like black and brown, and if your home is laced with such colors, there is a high possibility that flies and mosquitoes will swarm your home unless you follow great prevention tips.

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Light Colored Tones:

We know that light-colored tones in our homes can brighten up the whole place considerably, but they have their fair share of pest lovers. As a result of lighter tones, you may not have mosquitoes in your home, but such hues attract insects like cockroaches, ants, and carpet beetles. 

Therefore, if the interior of your home is decorated with a palette of light colors, make sure that you seal all the cracks and holes in various parts of your home so that these little buggers cannot sneak through.

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Excessive Wooden Decor:

Various studies have reported that homes made up of wooden walls, roofs, and floors have a good impact on health. Moreover, wood is an excellent insulator and can work wonders in proving the efficiency of your Heating, Venting, and Air Conditioning Systems. But, such homes also invite some unwanted guests like termites and carpenter ants because such pests are attracted to wooden structures.

Termites are considered one of the most dangerous pests because they can eat away at your most valuable wooden possessions in no time. Therefore, if you are opting for a décor that is wooden based, make sure that you have covered all the preventive bases; otherwise, you can end up losing a considerable amount of moolah.

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Plant Décor at the Door:

Flower pots and other greenery does not only look beautiful but also give a pleasant smell to your guests at the entrance of your home. But, such flower beds with multiple species attract various pollinators and insects as they feel there is an all-out buffet going on at your home’s entrance.

Therefore, make sure that the plants near your home are well maintained, and if you cannot tend to them regularly, keep them at a safe distance from your home.

Holiday Décor Items:

Holiday décor items like wreaths, Christmas Trees, and garlands can also bring a lot of bugs and other pests into your home. Therefore, make sure that you take these items outside regularly and shake them to get rid of any potential pests living in them.

There is nothing wrong with opting for any of the decor options mentioned above, but you will have to make sure that you know the potential pest risks of each option so that you can take proper preventative measures. Thanks to Bulwark Pest Control for contributing!


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