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As a mama to two little ones and freelance web designer and developer, I don’t really have time for self-care. Like ever. In fact, I’ll even put my 2 year-old in the shower with me just to kill two birds with one stone and wash myself and my toddler at the same time. Being a young family, we also don’t have a whole lot of extra money to spend on spa visits. The one indulgence that I am occasionally able to afford myself is a nice hot bath.

Now, my bathroom doesn’t look anything like the beauties below, but yours doesn’t need to either. Read on below.

relaxing bathroom

An aesthetic that says “relaxing”

For me, a clean aesthetic is one of the most important elements to make a space relaxing.  As Gretchen Rubin says, “Outer order contributes to inner calm,” and that definitely rings true to me.  So even if you have a teeny tiny bathroom like me – my bathroom is as long as my tub – if you can replicate the ideas in the rooms that say “relaxing” to you, you will be able to pull the effect off in your home.  A lot of the bathrooms I find relaxing have a few things in common, one being is that they have a clean aesthetic and they are a bit on the austere side.



What’s relaxing to you in terms of lighting?  Bright and airy or dark and cozy?  Whatever your answer, try to create that in your bathroom.  My bathroom doesn’t have a window, and I only have the opportunity to soak in the evenings, so I have to go with candlelight baths.  I definitely wouldn’t mind a late morning soak in a bright white bathroom like the one below though!

Bring in elements of comfort from your other rooms

What I mean by this is if you love the tufted chair in your bedroom, sheepskin ottoman in your den, or beautiful rug in your office, try to bring one of those elements into your bathroom.  A lot of companies now offer furnishings in humidity resistant fabrics.



Make it pretty.  Organization is VITAL to.  But make something organized AND pretty, and that’s when a room or storage solution is truly successful in my eyes.  So find a way to display your most beautiful perfume bottles, soaps and cosmetics in a way that makes you smile every time you see them.  This will make you more likely to keep things in order and clean, and also give you warm fuzzys.


Copy the Spas

Treat yourself like a guest.  We all love staying in a nice hotel or going to a spa for many reasons, but one for me is amenities and feeling like things have been prepared for me. Keep your bathroom bathroom stocked with easy-to-access towels (white are the most spa-like), shampoos, soaps.  I also like to keep a few really special treats for those really bad days like bath bombs, Australian made body scrubs, or sumptuous oils.


I hope I’ve provided some ideas to make your bathroom as relaxing as possible.  Do you have any tricks that keep your bathroom a relaxing refuge?


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