Seriously stylish living rooms


Stylish living rooms

With Pinterest and a plethora of online inspiration these days, it’s easier than ever to find inspiration and guidance to make your home pretty and cohesive.  But a truly stylish room really requires an instinct, talent, and eye for that particular “something” to add the unexpected “wow” factor.  I think the stylish living rooms below really achieve that.

stylish living room

I’m loving navy velvet these days.  And the gray walls with that artwork is amazing.

stylish living room

A bookcase as a whole should be a well-composed design.

stylish living room

This living room is set up like a den with different areas for intimate conversation or reading.  I love this idea.

stylish living room stylish living room stylish living room

This living room is stylish, but the comfortable couch and heavy wood tables makes everything feel very anchored and cozy.

What makes a room stylish to you?

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All images via Dering Hall


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