A family friendly backyard!

With parties and play dates being scheduled and plans to update the outdoor space, why not combined them together to make something amazing for the entire family?
Simon Fraser designed this unique outdoor space featuring an arbor incorporating a child's play space.:
via hgtv
Imagine a garden you love to look at that they would love to play in! 
10 Dreamy Kids’ Playhouses You’ll Wish You Grew Up With via Brit + Co.:
via brit
Maybe even a dedicated space for the little ones to play!
We have to admit, including them in our fun makes it a blast for all. 
How fun! This would be great for spending quality time with my baby girl! Mom and daughter date without leaving the house!:
via ikea
Even if it’s something as simple as a pile of pillows. 
There are plenty of great ways to keep them entertained and you happy!


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