Narrow and Functional

It’s rare that narrow and functional come together in one sentence! In this case, I’ve found a few narrow but functional spaces to share with you. 
Narrow London Living Room - Small Living Rooms (
There’s something about a living room being narrow that makes it feel impossible to entertain. It’s all about the layout. Move your furniture around and find a sense of flow that works for you.
Make use of what you have! Creating storage and extra seating or a day bed can make any narrow guest room / office work for you.
How To Make A Narrow Powder Room Feel Inviting And Comfortable – 15 Ideas:
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Narrow bathrooms are pain, but are totally functional! Here the motto is less is more!
Babies don’t take up much space, but their things do! In narrow spaces, it’s important to have necessities only. 
kitchen - wood counters countertops, white cabinets with glass doors over visible shelves, vintage oriental rug runner:
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Narrow kitchens can still be “open”. Make use of all the wall space you have and create as much functionality by keeping the walkway empty. 
Contemporary Loft Finds The Perfect Balance Between Cool And Elegant The loft has a very cool balcony. It’s small but very inviting and beautiful. The designer used Cumaru wood for the balcony seats and floor and he also designed the roof to match them. Overall, the loft is very beautifully balanced. The combination of cement, distressed leather, natural linen, rich wood and the perfect wall décor makes this space a dream home.:
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A balcony can go from standing room only, to very roomy with a simple bench seat. 
How do you make your narrow spaces functional?


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