Must see- the mother of all DIY, an abandoned French Chateau from the 1700s


This story is amazing.  In the Midi-Pyrenees an 18th century neoclassical French chateau had been left to crumble until it was discovered by an Australian couple who more or less bought it on the spot have been lovingly and painstakingly renovating it.  Talk about a DIY project!

Below are just a few photos of how they found the fairytale home and the progress made thus far.  Be sure to check out the Chateau de Gudanes’s website – where you can read the history and see all of the amazing photos!

Those doors!

That staircase!

Quite the patch job.

All images from Chateau de Gudanes and Wimp

I think it’s wonderful that the place isn’t being left to decay and be lost forever, but there is something magical about seeing it how it is now.



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