Sleek and Colourful Retro Interior Design Ideas


In the 1950s interior design and decoration was really about how modern you could make it. The Second World War was well and truly over, and rationing was becoming a thing of the past. People basically wanted to get rid of anything and everything that was old-fashioned and really meet the new influences head on. The new look to interior decoration was very sleek and at the same time very colourful. For the most part this look also included something quite whimsical about it; this really was a reaction to the interior designs of the 1930s and 1940s which were in many ways very plain and boring.

The use of geometric shapes a staple of modern design.

With the advance of scientific procedures that had made various plastics and other synthetic materials freely available, and at the same time very affordable, these products were very enthusiastically taken on board by home owners. If you wish to decorate your home or a particular room in your house in the style of the 1950s it will not be a very difficult job. There are many places that you will be able to find retro accessories that will go some way in creating the type of atmosphere you wish to have. It is of no consequence if you live in a house that was actually built in the 1950s, or whether you just want to replicate the look. It is more than possible to be able to furnish your home in the style of décor that is vintage or reproduction from this decade. The 1950s was very much a time of rejuvenation, and also people were enjoying the fact that there was peace, and you will see that the décor and furnishings reflect this.

In the1950s moulded plastic chairs were very much in vogue and they were often used with chrome which was highly polished. Getting one of these chairs to go into your 1950s themed room can be achieved by going to house sales but on the other hand if you make a search on the Internet you will be sure to come across sites and/or people who have this type of seating for sale. You also might like to keep in mind that Formica, vinyl and other materials were used a lot in the 1950s so if you use them in your room it will help with the overall retro style.

Red, yellow, and turquoise were popular colors in the 50s.

It may also help if you paint the walls of your room in colours that were popular of that time, such as lemon yellow, turquoise, a deep blue, and rose red. You can also use these colours in the fabrics that you have in the room, and also use rugs for that added effect, as the rugs can be scattered anywhere. If you keep an eye out if you are visiting any garage or house sales or for that matter any second hand shops you may be able to get hold of a Formica table dining room set, this type of furniture was very trendy back then, you will also find that they are very easy to clean and help give an authentic retro-look to your home.

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I tend to like interiors that aren’t all-out modern retro, but rather blend in some vintage 50s with current pieces and styles.

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