Six Things You Need to Know About Deck Tiles


Deck tiles, including elevated deck tiles, are a practical and environmentally friendly flooring choice to spruce up your outdoor living spaces. In addition to enhancing residential properties, deck tiles are a great addition to rental properties like condominiums or Airbnb units due to their straightforward installation procedures, extended lifespans, and low maintenance requirements.

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Here are some things you need to know about deck tiles before starting your condo renovation.

1. What Are Deck Tiles?

Deck tiles are an attractive, affordable, and environmentally responsible option to cover or resurface an outdoor area. Deck tiles are generally square or rectangular building bricks that may be connected to form any size or shape of the ground-level patio.

This implies that even if you lack the time or resources to construct a whole deck frame from scratch, you may still get the appearance of a lovely composite or wood deck surface. Deck tiles are available in various materials and styles to precisely match your area, including hardwoods, composite tiles, and porcelain pavers.

2. Deck Tiles Are Easy to Install

Some methods make use of deck tiles that snap together and interlock. Others use a straightforward screw-and-washer attaching mechanism to mount onto pedestals. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice DIYer, they all share a straightforward, logical installation you can do fast.

3. Doesn’t Require a Flat Surface for Install

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On uneven or unlevel terrain, pedestal systems with elevated deck tiles can be used to produce a smooth, flat patio surface. You can expand your patio space anywhere thanks to adjustable supports, which may be installed on concrete, stone, or brick on the ground or a rooftop.

4. How Do You Clean Deck Tiles?

Your outdoor tiled flooring is really simple to clean! Use a household brush or vacuum to remove leaves, dirt, or debris. To prevent unwanted scratching, we advise using a daily broom with soft bristles rather than a workshop or garage broom.

Wash the outside decking area with mild dish soap and warm water after rinsing the deck, porch, or patio area with a hose. Dawn or Joy dishwashing liquid is suggested since neither will leave a residue or harm your decking tiles.

Two gallons of clear water and around 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar may also be used to make a homemade deck tile cleaning solution. The outside tiles should be thoroughly cleaned before being softly dried with a clean rag or towel.

5. Things to Consider When Choosing Deck Tiles

Durability should be the main factor. If you’re thinking about using wood outside, tropical woods like teak or ipe will endure the weather well. For decking in a generally humid area, selecting a wood typically utilized for boat and marine applications is especially vital.

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Another significant component is colour. Find out the wood’s aging potential before making a choice. Some woods will become mellow and rich in colour when exposed to light and the environment. Others will lose their tone and bleach out.

In addition to colour, style is something you should consider. Will you decide to arrange a challenging geometric pattern, a straightforward diagonal pattern, or another mix to produce an original design? Even mixing woods or finishes to create contrast is an option.

Some woods can repel insects. When selecting wood, consider the local wood-boring insects and select a wood resistant to them.

6. Deck Tiles Allow You to Create Various Patterns

Alternating the direction in which your deck tiles are laid will help you produce eye-catching patterns and textures throughout your outdoor space. Installing pieces of a darker hue in some places of your patio may also be used to create a decorative boundary around an outdoor space or to draw attention to a pathway that winds through the patio.

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