Sales Of Smart Home Devices To Boost In Coming Years


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” 

The famous fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke referred to a “perfect” technology as magic. Good technology can create wonders and magic for humankind if used correctly.

The 21st century is the century of digitalization where every device and gadget is becoming smart. A new term has been coined “smart home”, according to which even our homes are capable of becoming smart or in simple words, automated. All the electronic devices and gadgets can be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi and then to each other, to make an automated home. 

Kitchen and dining table with bar chairs
Used with permission of Patterson Custom Homes, architect David Pierce Hohmann, architect and associates and photographer Ryan Garvin

There are major five elements of a smart home, that build it and also, help in boosting sales of smart home devices.

1. Energy

A smart home should be energy-efficient, which can be achieved by installing smart bulbs, lights, thermostats, and other smart devices. It helps in reducing your bills!

2. Convenience

The main aim of any technology is to make our lives easy and comfortable. Smart home devices can be instructed to perform certain tasks to make our work convenient.

3. Entertainment

Living room with beige colors, sofas, coffee table and TV
Used with permission of Kira David Design

Entertainment is an integral part of our lives. With a smart TV, speakers, and home theatre, it is always on the cards. 

4. Atmosphere

What could be a better feeling than entering the pleasant walls of your home from the scorching heat of the sun? The automatic cooling and warming systems help in creating the perfect atmosphere according to your mood and comfort. 

5. Security

A 24×7 security system has become a must-have in metro cities to assure no theft in the home. Smart cameras, locks, and motion sensors can be installed to keep an eye on your home from anywhere anytime. 

These elements suggest that in the coming few years, people will be investing in making their homes automated and smart with the help of smart devices. Technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are making advancements every day, which are making products to add comfort to human lives. 

House and the yard
Used with permission of Patterson Custom Homes, and Brandon Architects

While smart home technology looks enticing and promising, it also comes with its set of challenges which include high cost, cyber security threats, and dependency on the internet. It is true when they say that increase in technological advancements, there is an increase in complexities too. 

Despite all the cons, it is very much likely that the usage and sales of smart home devices and gadgets will at least double by the end of this decade. 


There are many tech-savvy people today, who will find assembling and installing smart home gadgets a fun task. A decade earlier, smartphones were not a common thing in this world, but today you can find a smartphone in the hands of everyone around you. Similarly, while there are many pros and cons of home automation, the coming years will see a jump in the business of smart home devices and it might become a common thing in the next decade.


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