The briiv air purifier – beautiful design, effective results, powered by plants


Even though we seem to be on the other side of COVID, many homes and businesses are still using air purifiers to help prevent the spread of the disease. Over the years, air purifier design has improved so they are no longer such an eyesore and fit in better within your decor. But no purifier on the market has the beautiful and unique design as the Briiv

What exactly is Briiv? It’s a sustainable air filter with an aesthetic completely unlike any other piece of technology in your home. It won the Red Dot Award last year and fits into luxury and boho interiors alike. It looks like a chic terrarium at the peak of health. But unlike other terrariums, it has thousands of times more power to remove pollen, bacteria and mold, fine particulates, and VOCs.  How many air purifiers can boast such beautiful filters that last up to 12 months!

A more beautiful way to clean your air

See? Told you it looked different. It also functions in a way no other air purifier does. It works differently in that it does not use conventional materials to manufacture the air filters. The filters are comprised of moss, coconut, wood carbon, and silk nanofiber. The first three you can just add to your compost pile when they’ve expired! 

So not only are your benefiting your and your family’s health by using Briiv – after all, people who use air purifiers report better sleep, higher energy levels, and protect cognitive function*. But does it work? The folks at Briiv have extensively tested their product and have the data to backup** all of their claims. In fact, it effectively improves air quality in a 20x20ft room in just one hour. 

Amazing Plants. Amazing Sustainability.

We all know by now that houseplants help filter the air in your home, but if you’re anything like me, you overwater your plants and end up with moldy soil, which is harmful to your health. With Briiv you get the air-cleaning benefits of house plants, without the hassles. In fact, a 1 Briiv is equivalent to 3,043 house plants.  Furthermore, the device is constructed of a bio-plastic derived from elephant grass. It captures carbon and biodegrades completely. Plant-based plastics are superior to recycling, whereas conventional plastics can only be recycled a few times. To top it all off, they offset manufacturing with a tree-planting program.

Convenient Technology

Don’t let the earthy, natural appearance of the air purifier fool you, just like other smart devices in your home, there is a Briiv app that helps you keep track of your filter life, adjust function settings, and schedule runtimes. 



This post is sponsored by Briiv, but all opinions are my own!


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