Plant Pot Size Guide: Best Pots for a Successful Repotting


Repotting plants is an integral part of plant keeping and here’s a short explanation why you should be repotting yours soon!

Houseplants may not grow in terms of height, but they can grow in width. Transferring your plant to a bigger pot will encourage your plant to grow bigger than ever.

5 Standard Pot Sizes for Repotting

Plants in pots
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When you are shopping for new pots, most gardeners agree that buying one that’s at least 1 inch wider than your root mass is enough. If you feel like you have a plant that grows quite quickly, getting a pot that’s at least 4 inches wider than the root mass is your best bet.

For newbies, there are standard pot sizes to choose from:

9-centimetre pots

  • Its diameter is 9 centimetres
  • Its other name is P9
  • This is the smallest pots that nurseries and local gardening shops use
  • This is the best size to use for succulents and shrubs.

2-litre pots

  • 17 centimetres in diameter
  • This size is perfect for landscaping purposes
  • lavender, gardenia, and dianella use 2-litre pots

3-litre pots

  • These are slightly larger than 2L pots
  • Its pot diameter is 19 centimetres
  • This is another size that’s perfect for landscaping purposes

5-litre pots

  • It has a pot diameter of 22.5 centimtres
  • These post are the best for houseplants with a big root mass

10-litre pots

  • These pots are 28 centimetres in diameter
  • This pot is ideal for gardeners who have had previous experience in gardening
  • This is the most commonly used size for pants that are a year or two older.

As you can see pots can come in a variety of sizes and you won’t have to worry about your plant’s health and growth.

Types of pots

House garden with a storage
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While there are various pot sizes, there are also different kinds of pots that you can choose from according to your tastes and preferences.

Plastic pots

These are common plant pots that come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes. They are affordable, lightweight and are suitable for those who are still being introduced to the world of plant-parenting.

Terracotta pots

If you’re afraid that your plants will drown in large amounts of water, a terracotta or red clay pot will be great for you! Red-clay pots are able to withstand over watering in succulents, since it has the ability to absorb more water from the soil. This will make the water dry out naturally.

Ceramic pots

Yard and the house
Used with permission of Blackband Design

Although these may be heavy on both its weight and on your wallet. These shiny, glazed and chic pots are great for a classy and elegant finish, making it a picture perfect piece to your indoor aesthetic.

Hanging baskets

Trendy is a great word to describe these plant pots in the plant-parenting world. However, traditionally speaking, these do not belong in the same family with the plant pots.

But due to its quality and  artistic style, these are frequently used in the world of plants.

Your room will be given a breath of fresh air, you can hang it near a window, just make sure not to place any other object or furniture below it.

All in all plant pots have given individuals an opportunity to fully exercise their artistic side when decorating their homes. They come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes to suit your tastes and preferences when choosing the perfect indoor plant.


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