5 Design Elements To Incorporate Into Your Home To Ensure More Peace and Quiet


In January this year, Quiet Mark, the international consumer and trade champion certification program associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charity, surveyed 1,000 American adults for its National Noise Report. It found that more than 3 in 4, (77%) of Americans have changed how they view noise in their environment since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and a third, 33%, reported that they were more aware of the noise in their lives.

Since launching in 2012, Quiet Mark has clarified the complex world of sound. When consumers see their distinctive Q logo on an appliance or building material, they trust it to be one of the quietest, best noise reducing available on the market. Quiet Mark recently launched its Acoustics Academy, an online platform to further equip and empower architects, designers and home improvers with a guide to expertly verified, leading acoustic solutions for every building application area. It lists a wide range of building materials and products that can combine to create the most pleasant domestic soundscape, because when a space sounds right, it feels right.

Here we look at 5 design elements to incorporate into your home to ensure more peace and quiet:

1. Windows

Whether it’s traffic, barking dogs or noises keeping you up at night, nuisance noises can be harmful to your health. Your windows and doors can help block these noises. The Quiet Mark certified Pella Lifestyle Series has been intentionally designed to offer performance options that reduce an average of 52% more sound than single-pane windows. Additional panes of glass with airspace between the glass and varying thicknesses of glass improve sound performance. These combinations help disrupt sound waves at different frequencies.

2. Flooring

Noise can be defined as any unwanted sound. The click of your roommates heels as they pace around the home, even from an upstairs room, is one familiar example. Thankfully SOUNDPROTEC ECOLAY⁺ is NOX’s loose lay LVT with heightened acoustical performance, offering high impact sound reduction; over 19-20dB reduced according to ISO 10140-3 tests.

NOX’s Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is Quiet Mark certified and boasts superior stability and durability that keeps getting better. Without losing an eye for design, their LVT comes in Wood, Stone and Design lines.

SOUNDPROTEC ECOLAY⁺ ensures superior dimensional stability. This is possible because instead of simply attaching a pad to the back of the tile, NOX fully utilises its IVP (Integrated Vertical Production) System and EMT™ Core technology to adjust each layer and its properties, in order to enhance sound absorption without risking dimensional stability. Also, softness underfoot has been enhanced for more comfort.

3. Ceilings – Acoustic Plaster Systems

Photo credit: Jonathan Banks

When a sound is made in a room, it will reflect off the walls, floor and ceiling resulting in the listener hearing many delayed versions of the sound, one on top of the other. This makes the sound heard appear louder and can make it sound less clear, especially with speech.

The correct control of sound can create a calmer and more pleasant environment. This is especially necessary in open plan living spaces where kitchen noises might spill into the living room, where the family is relaxing, or watching a movie.

The Armourcoat Acoustic® Plaster System offers a clean flat and smooth mineral surface that can be applied seamlessly over large expanses to both flat and curved surfaces and offers excellent sound absorption.

4. Air Purification

Concerns over the quality of the air circulating through our homes were rising prior to Covid, and the amount of time we spent at home during lockdown only served to reinforce these concerns.

Research by Blueair found that seven out of ten people, across all generations, worry about the air that they breathe indoors as we become more aware of the risks of indoor air pollution and in particular how it affects children.

The Quiet Mark certified Blueair’s HealthProtect / Protect uses HEPASilent Ultra™, Blueair’s most advanced filtration technology to date. This technology combines electrostatic and mechanical filtration to remove up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, dander and mould. The technology removes VOCs (including formaldehyde), odours and nanoparticles down to 0.03 micron and removes up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.

5. Acoustic Lighting

Create a sense of serenity with this geometric sound-absorbing pendant light. Equipped with a powerful light output, BuzziSpace’s BuzziJet helps you light up your mind while reducing noise for improved focus.

Its aerodynamic design offers sound-absorbing capabilities, delivering acoustic comfort paired with a powerful light source that emits warm, pleasant light.

Large in diameter, BuzziJet’s cylindrical design allows sound waves to bounce back-and-forth within the radius of its circular body, and in turn, mitigates noise. With its high density of acoustic material, this lighting solution works on the whole audible spectrum, from low to mid and high tones.

Thanks to quietmark.com for consulting.


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