How to Maintain Your Attic Organized and Clean


An attic means many things to many people, depending on the age of their home, the condition of their attic, and how much space they have to store things. Attics are necessary to homes, as they trap cold and hot air, depending on the season, to help keep your home more energy efficient. In addition, they provide tons of room for storage of the items that you may not need as often or that are seasonal by nature. Attics tend to get messy and cluttered in many homes, but it does not have to be this way. Continue reading to learn how to maintain your attic being organized and clean.

Take Pre-Existing Belongings

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Since attics are often full of all kinds of your possessions, there is often very little room to work up there, especially if you are looking to organize and clean your entire attic. To start the process, it would be smart to look through all of your belongings up there, paying attention to what you have. Once you have taken an inventory of what you have, consider taking all of the items out of your attic until you finish cleaning. This can also be accomplished by moving all of the belongings to the center of the attic and cleaning each cleared area. This is arguably the most annoying step in the entire process, as it can be time consuming for many people.

Perform Inspections

Attic inspections are a really important step in this process, as they occur in relatively rare instances. They are also important because attics can have many problems that occur simply as the home gets older each year. A great way to start is to check all over your attic, paying attention to any holes, water damage, or any other areas of concern. If you are good with your hands, consider performing the necessary repairs on your own, as it could save you money. If you believe that the damage goes beyond your abilities, consider hiring a professional so that you can be sure the job is getting done right.

While you are inspecting the integrity of your attic, there is another thing to be on the lookout for. Pests and nuisance animals love attics, as they are out of the way places to hide that offer the potential for warmth, easy food sources, and seclusion. It is also important to be on the tips of your toes, as raccoons hide in the attic, as do many other pests. Be on the lookout for fur, droppings, feathers, foul smells, and even the animals or pests themselves. Hopefully you do not find any signs of pests, but if you do, check out the next step.

Removing Nuisance Animals in Your Attic

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If you are unlucky enough to have nuisance animals in your attic, there is no need to panic. The important thing to remember is to remove these animals and prevent future infestations as soon as possible. If you have pests in your attic right now, reach out to an expert at District Wildlife Solutions to learn more about animals in the attic. Professional wildlife removal companies will walk you through every step of the process, working with you to get rid of nuisance animals and tailoring their strategy for your specific situation. It is highly recommended to contact wildlife removal companies as soon as possible, as more time leads to worse infestations.

In order to prevent any future wildlife problems, there are a couple of things you can do. DIY wildlife prevention is gaining popularity, which is why you should visit to learn about the many unique strategies and methods of prevention that will keep critters out of your attic in the future!

Clean Your Attic

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Used with permission of Patterson Custom Homes, architect Brandon Architects, interior designer Tru Studio, photographer Manolo Langis

One of the most satisfying steps in the process of making your attic organized and clean again is the cleaning stage. This step can be as in-depth or as brief as you want it to be, as there are many different ways to clean up a garage. Vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting is often enough for many people. Some people may decide to scrub certain areas and get their attic completely clean. Since this is a very personal step that depends on many factors, there is no right or wrong answer to how your attic should be cleaned.

Put Your Belongings Back

Remember all of those items you took from your attic so you could clean? Now they have to come back up to your attic for their final resting place. When you take inventory, it is likely you find some items you wanted to donate or sell, which can help make this step easier. Either way, be sure to sort and organize your items so that you will be able to find whatever you need quickly. Once this is done, you have successfully organized and cleaned your attic!

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