Types of Home Improvement Business You Can Start Without Degree


There are some types of home improvement businesses that do not need a high training level. Without a college degree, you can start up your own home improvement business. Furniture repair, painting, lawn care, deck building are good business ideas for those who want to venture into home improvement. Let’s consider some types of home improvement businesses you can start without a degree.

Home Improvement Business Ideas

Artificial Grass Installation

Backyard with lawn and olive tree
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

Artificial grass installation is an easy home improvement business. The business is profitable as homeowners are now installing artificial grass to natural grass. It is a good home improvement business a person can start without having a degree. The business requires minimal training as all you need to do to install the artificial grass correctly. If you want a simple yet profitable home improvement business without a degree, consider artificial grass installation.

Deck Building Business 

Deck-building is a good home improvement business you can start without a degree. It requires having basic skills in carpentry as you will be working mainly with woods. Deckbuilding is a lucrative business as there is a huge increase in deck installation in homes. Homeowners are upgrading their flooring leading to an increase in deck builders. The business is simple to start and manage. Deck builders can search decking design websites for decking design ideas.

House Painting

Minimalistic living room wit couch, coffee table, TV and cabinet
Used with permission of Millhaven homes

House painting does not require a degree. It is a business you can earn money from if you don’t go to college. House painting service is in high demand as interior and exterior painting is important in home upgrading. The business is easy to manage as you don’t need a lot of capital for a start.

Lawn Care Business 

A lawn care business is a good home improvement business you can start without a degree. The business includes lawn mowing, cutting of the grass, weed control, pest control and more. Lawn care is a profitable business as there is a high potential for earning money. To start the business, you need lawn care equipment like a mower, trimmer wheelbarrow, rake, leaf blower, shovel, and so on.

Cleaning Services

A cleaning business is easy to operate. It is a profitable home improvement business you can start up without a degree. Cleaning business involves cleaning and maintenance of homes, offices or industrial buildings. The business is easy to start and requires low entry capital. 

Furniture Repairs and Finishing Business

Furniture repairs and finishing business requires basic carpentry skills. It is a home improvement business that does not need a degree. You can start up furniture repairs and finishing services with little capital. The business is also a profitable one as people seek to refurbish their furniture instead of replacing them. Homeowners, business owners, schools, government offices are potential clients that will need the service of a furniture repairer. If you have basic skills in carpentry, consider starting your furniture repair and finishing business.

Fence Repairing

Sideview of the white house and front yard
Used with permission of Blackband Design

Fence repair service is a cool way of earning money. These home improvement businesses do not require the use of a degree certificate to start up. It is a simple means of earning cash as fences do get damaged and will need repair. The business is not difficult to start as it does not require huge capital. If you have minimal skills in carpentry, you are good to go. Homeowners, gardeners are potential clients that will need the service of a fence repair.

Moulding Installations

 If you want to start up your own home improvement business, you can venture into moulding installation. Moulding installation is an easy way to make money as homeowners are upgrading their home interior. A good thing about starting a moulding is that it does not require a degree. 


There are several home improvement businesses you can start without a degree. Consider starting up a moulding, furniture repair, deck building or artificial grass installation business. And for home improvement needs, you can check out Home Essentials Direct. Thanks to all the companies linked above.


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