5 Signs You Need a Humidifier in Your Home


When you live in an area where the temperature is frequently below freezing during the winter, the air in your home may be arid. This may cause you to feel uncomfortable and lead to problems in your house. Read on to learn more about the signs that you need a humidifier. 

1. The Furnace Is On All the Time

When it’s cold outside, there is no getting around using the heater. Sometimes the air is so cold that the furnace constantly runs just to keep you from freezing. When the heater runs, it dries out the air in your house. Unfortunately, dry air also holds less heat, which means you have to run the heater longer to get your home feeling comfortable. One way to increase the moisture in the air to retain more heat is to install a humidifier. In fact, whole house humidifiers work directly with your heating system to keep the air in your entire home at optimal moisture levels. 

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2. Your Skin Feels Itchy and Dry

Dry air causes the moisture in your skin to evaporate quickly. Suppose you notice that you are always scratching at your head or your skin cracks easily, then the air in your house is too dry. Using lotion helps south your skin, but it doesn’t solve the problem. A home humidifier is a beneficial choice because no matter what room you are relaxing in, you benefit from comfortable air. 

used with permission from Emily Griffin Design

3. Constant Cold Symptoms During Winter Months

Another common discomfort of dry air is that it irritates your nasal passages because it draws out the moisture in your nose and throat. This leads you to feel like you have a stuffy nose and sore throat during most winter months. Unfortunately, this also makes you more susceptible to colds and flu viruses because the mucus membranes that keep them out of your body aren’t working at full force. A humidifier prevents your body and those of your family members from being dehydrated. 

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4. Your Asthma Acts Up

As if feeling like you have a cold all winter isn’t bad enough, if you have asthma or other allergies, you may find you are coughing more often, too. A cough can develop from your airways being dried out and becoming irritated. However, with asthma, this coughing can lead to overstimulation in your respiratory tract and lead to an asthma attack. If you notice you use a rescue inhaler more often than previously, a humidifier is one solution. The moist air is less likely to cause coughing fits and helps keep asthma attacks away. 

used with permission from Emily Griffin Design

5. Your Wood Furnishings Are Drying Out

When the air is dry in your home, it’s not just the people who live there that are affected. Wood also has a normal level of moisture which is pulled out with dry air. This can lead to cracking and warping of your wood floors and furniture. If you have decorated your home with a large number of wooden items, a home humidifier will help keep these items in good condition for a long time.  Thanks to American Air Heating for consulting


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