9 Top Tips for How to Renovate a Bathroom


Are you trying to figure out how to renovate your bathroom? Read this article to learn the top tips for how to renovate a bathroom.

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Before you do, make sure to consider your budget.

The average bathroom remodel costs homeowners about $10,433. Many people spend anywhere between $5,966 and $14,901.

When you plan to renovate a bathroom, it helps to consider your options first. Then, you can build out a solid plan that fits your budget. Otherwise, you might get halfway through the project without realizing how much you’ve spent.

Eager to plan out your dream bathroom? Keep reading to discover nine tips on how to renovate a bathroom. With these tips, you’ll have a plan in place before you start knocking down walls.

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1. Have A Plan Beforehand

The best way to renovate a bathroom without breaking your budget is to start with a full plan. 

Take a look around your bathroom. What problems scream out at you. For example, you might not like the floor tiles, the space might feel too small, or you might really want new countertops. Also, if you have an older home, chances are high that your toilets are not functioning properly. Upgrading your toilets to an upflush option is a great way to take your bathroom to a new level. Make a list of all the areas where you want to make improvements. Our remaining eight tips can give you a few additional ideas as well.

Then, plan out a budget for each item. Calculate the total cost and see if it goes over your budget. If it does, plan a few areas to hold off on until later. 

Make sure to check different companies for your materials as well. Getting a number of different quotes can help you find different ways to stick to your budget.

For example, you can buy quartz countertops from this company instead of your local hardware store.

Consider working with a designer or architect to plan your bathroom renovation as well. While it might seem pricey at first, they can help you discover creative ways to stretch your budget in the long-run. They’ll also help you come up with designs and establish a realistic timeline.

By working with professionals from the very beginning, you can work to avoid expensive errors down the road.

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2. Keep It Light

The best way to renovate a bathroom to create the illusion of space is to keep it light. Avoid using dark colors and contrasting hues as you start painting and furnishing. Instead, try a monochromatic color scheme with lighter shades. 

Keeping the design light will keep your bathroom from looking like a cave. 

Look for colors such as:

  • Soft grays
  • Warm whites
  • Butter yellows
  • Icy blues
  • Seafoam greens

These colors will help your bathroom appear light and airy. They also pair well with white trim and cabinetry, which will help your bathroom look open.

Make sure to stick within a single color family as well. 

Contrasting colors, on the other hand, will make your bathroom appear smaller. 

Try matching your floor tiles to the wall color, too. As you renovate a bathroom, you’ll see how this can create the illusion of space. Avoid painting the ceiling to keep the flow.  

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3. Add a Splash of Color

While it helps to keep the walls and trim a lighter shade, you don’t have to keep the entire bathroom absent of color. 

Consider adding a pop of color here and there to give your bathroom personality. You can add these splashes of color through accessories, such as your towels or soap dispenser. Adding little pops of color through these accessories will help you energize the room without making it overwhelming. 

You can also add texture and color to your bathroom with a patterned rug. 

If you start to get tired of the look, switch your accessories out! That way, you can “update” your bathroom without making costly changes in the future.

4. Build Up

Creating the illusion of height can also make a small bathroom look larger. To achieve this illusion, you’ll need to visually raise the bathroom ceiling. First, replace your large crown molding with a narrower option. 

Make sure it’s painted to match the ceiling. 

Heavy, dark crown molding can overpower a small room. This switch will keep the room light, as mentioned before. 

Then, change the room’s light fixtures. Instead of a hanging light, try recessed lighting or wall sconces.

Directing light upward will blur the line between the ceiling and the wall. As a result, you can make it look like the ceiling has receded.

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5. Reflect

Allowing light to bounce around the bathroom will also make the room look larger. Start by adding additional mirrors. High-gloss fixtures, such as the tub, sink, or shiny countertops, can help as well.

Make sure to add fixtures that complement the rest of the bathroom. 

6. Maximize Space

About 20 percent of the total price to renovate a bathroom is from tearing out old elements to install new ones. Instead of tearing out existing fixtures, try to make due with smaller changes. 

For example, a standard swinging door will minimize your usable floor space. Instead, try a sliding pocket door. Pocket doors and nonintrusive and will maximize your space. 

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7. Storage Space

If you have a small amount of counter space, add space through creative storage options. 

For example, you can choose a custom countertop that extends along the wall, behind the toilet. You can also add accessories within your cabinets to maximize your storage space. 

Finding creative ways to expand your space will help the room look larger instead of cluttered.

8. Switch The Glass

When discovering how to renovate a bathroom, you might want to make larger changes. For example, changing out a tub or a standing shower can add space to the room. 

Consider using clear glass shower doors instead of textured glass. The clear glass will make the shower look like an extension of the room instead of cutting off your space.

9. Check The Vents

Finally, don’t forget to check the bathroom vents. Installing adequate ventilation will reduce humidity in the room. As a result, you can keep from damaging the paint and drywall in your remodeled bathroom.

Wash Up: Nine Tips on How to Renovate a Bathroom

Start renovating! With these nine tips on how to renovate a bathroom, you can upgrade the space, even on a budget. Discover a new, beautiful bathroom with these nine tips! Find more ideas by exploring our Inspiration by Room posts. Thanks to RSK Stones for collaborating!


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