Ways of Improving the Value of a Commercial Property you Need to Embrace


Have you ever imagined how the appearance of a commercial building affects its value?  Well, a new coat of paint is a perfect idea to improve the appearance and value of your building. Repainting a commercial building keeps it looking fresh and clean. Besides, tenants will pay more for a well-kept property as opposed to a run-down one. When painting a commercial building, some essential guidelines will help you achieve the best results. Keeping reading to find out ways of improving the value of your commercial property you need to embrace:

1. Finding the Right Contractor is a Plus

Exterior of the white house
Used with permission of Blackband Design

Many companies are dealing with painting and renovation of premises. Some contractors are specialized in commercial buildings, while some are specialized residential buildings.

Before choosing a painting, contractors check their portfolio to confirm if they are specialized in painting commercial buildings. Remember to check on their past work and reference to be sure of the company’s capabilities. If possible, take time to visit properties they have painted in the past to evaluate their work before committing to work with them.

How the company handles you during project estimation will inform you a lot about their services. The contractor’s materials need to be qualified for them to deliver.

2. Have an Organized Plan and strategy

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The accomplishment of your project depends on the skill level and experience of the painting crew. The commercial painting company you choose need to have qualified workers. Again, it is best if you establish a budget and schedule before initiating the project.

If you have a budget, you will be able to paint the building without straining financially. Similarly, the schedule will help the manager plan for events during painting hence avoiding disruption by ensuring that all the operations are planned.

Each property requires a different approach; for instance, when painting a building used for essential services like a clinic, the doctor’s office can be painted late at night or on weekends when the customers are few. When scheduling, don’t forget to inform the team when certain rooms will be unoccupied to avoid conveniences.

3. Pick the Right Finish

Designed home office with desk, plant and chair
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

The material used on the property will determine both timelines of the project and the cost. When you choose top-quality material, the finish is likely to be top-notch compared to when the materials are low quality. Again, high-quality paint gives a durable finish even though the cost will be a little bit higher. In addition, it helps if you choose high-quality paint to lessen the risk of paint failure, thus reducing the maintenance and repair cost.

Fast, dry paint is an exciting way to protect the occupants of the premises. Again, low or no VOC coatings prevent the occupants from the effects of fumes. They are ideal for commercial buildings because they are safe from harmful fumes from paints.

Prep work is essential before you apply the first coat. The commercial painting company needs to prep the surface because the unprepared surface will not allow the paint to adhere. After some time, the paint will bubble up, peel, and crack because it will not stick to the surface. Again, if the surface is not cleaned, the project will consume a lot of time and resources. A professional contractor needs to assess the property before a painting plan is laid down to avoid time. Thanks to oahupropainters.com for consulting on this post.


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