Essential Tools for Your 3D Printing Project


You’ve got your shiny new 3D Printer and you even have a 3D printing project all lined up for your first job. Now, you’re down to considering which tools will make your 3D printing projects better. You want to put together the best 3D printer tool kit you can get!

Looking over your options, you find yourself a little conflicted on what to choose for your toolkit. What is a good starting point? Well, read on, and you’ll find a good core set of options and start picking out your essential tools for your 3D printing project!

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Glue Sticks

One of the first things you’ll find is that you’ll need a way to ensure your print sticks to the build plate. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do this is with the venerable glue stick! You’ll find glue sticks work well with many materials, and wipes away easily with water!

3D Print Removal Tool

At the opposite end of the job, when you find the print sticks too well to the build plate, you’ll want something sharp to get under your print and pull it up. You can find a set of spatulas for fairly cheap and can also be used to scrape the build plate free of the little filaments from the print job. With the set, you’ll also have a variety of tools for pulling up any project you want to print!


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Sandpaper is a great thing to have at hand for getting rid of the rough edges of your project. Smoothing out the surfaces and bringing out detail is just as important as printing itself. While sandpaper is cheap and effective, an alternative is buying a rotary tool.

A rotary tool is, of course, more expensive than humble sandpaper but may work better for you. A good rotary tool kit will have accessories that give you more options. It might make your job easier and more accurate, as well.

Extra Nozzles

Extra nozzles, and some of the differing sizes, are essential to make sure your 3D printing project is the best it can be. Whether you want to print a larger model faster, or just down to your current nozzle getting clogged by the filament. Having extra nozzles is just great insurance.

Nozzle Cleaning Kits

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Keeping your nozzle and threaded inserts for plastic filament free of melted plastic is one of the most important jobs of having a 3D printer! So, if your nozzle clogs, you want a cleaning kit waiting to clear out the plastic. The best thing is to clean your nozzle after every print!

3D Printing Project

Having a 3D printer is one of the great joys of the modern age. Knowing how to take care of it, and manage your 3D printing projects ensures that you’ll have that joy for many years to come!

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