How to Transform a Small Garden


You can do so much with even a small space when it comes to your garden. From transforming your balcony to maximizing your green space outside, there are so many ways to transform what you have. With this guide, you’ll be able to design a truly innovative space that makes use of what you have and gives you so many wonderful possibilities for the future.

Backyard garden with pool and Buddha statue
Photo by Jennifer Marcus on Unsplash

You deserve to have a little garden oasis, no matter how small your garden is. With this guide and a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to create one for yourself in no time at all.

Know What Key Features You Want to Add

There are many things that you can add, even to a small garden. For example, there are many great vertical garden solutions that will allow you to plant local flora and fauna or even grow fruits and vegetables without taking up too much space. Then there are things like water features.

You can add a water feature even in a small space. In fact, your small space will be better off for it. This is because there likely isn’t enough room to spread out or to play games in your garden. With that in mind, it is better to add visual and auditory interest to your garden instead. You can light it up with different lighting systems from as well, so that you can engage and enjoy your small garden, even at night.

Think in Levels and Vertically

Backyard with olive tree, table and chairs
Used with permission of Blackband Design

Small gardens all have one thing in common – vertical space. To get the most out of your garden, you will, therefore, need to install vertical elements to make the most out of the empty space. You do need to be very careful here, however. It’s easy and simple to add a vertical garden, mirror, or other design elements to the side of your house or alternatively to your fence, but other options need to be considered with care. Tree maintenance and garden care in Austin can help keep your garden maintained once it is established. 

Light access is the most important thing to any small garden, so you need to work with the sun and its position throughout the year when it comes to adding things like sculptures or, more likely, trees. If you want to add a tree in a spot that has sunshine, then a sparse option is best, as this way, you get dappled sunlight without casting your entire garden into the shade.

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

When it comes to the furniture, always pick options that are multi-purpose. Choose couches or chairs that can either be easily folded away or even feature their own storage space, for example. There are many great table options that can fold down when you aren’t eating or using them and other many great options that allow you to customize how you use your space. This way, you get more purpose out of your garden.

Add Storage

House garden with a storage
Used with permission of Blackband Design

From gardening supplies to other everyday items like camping equipment, there are plenty of times when storing these in view just isn’t enough. By adding storage, including shelving and custom solutions, you can keep your small garden beautiful and clutter-free. Thanks to Carol Trehearn for consulting on this post.


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