How can you disinfect your House during Flu Season?


First, everyone should know why cleanliness is so important for our everyday life. Before we go on with the ways of how to clean your house during flu season, you should know the importance of cleanliness. Keeping your house clean makes your house look good and healthy. And, not only that but also brings positivity. You feel good and healthy when you see that your house is germ-free. 

Further, you spend most of your time at your house, so your house needs to be disinfected first. But, cleaning becomes very difficult during flu season. Thus, below are the ways or tips that will help you disinfect your house and keep it free from germs and viruses. Further, you can also contact the cleaning services Dubai, for additional support.

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Ways to Clean your House during Flu Season

There are few ways that you can use to clean your house. The tips are given below, and never forget that disinfecting your house during flu season is very essential. Mainly in this season, 99.9% of germs, bacteria and even flu viruses infect people. To avoid these infections, the below points must be followed: 

1. You need to use the correct disinfectant

First, you need to see how you can prevent the spread of cold or flu, and for this, quick spray or wiping isn’t sufficient. You need a proper disinfectant to clean your house that will eliminate the flu virus. Now, to choose the correct disinfectant you need to see whether it has been approved by the environment protection agency. And, also see whether it carries a registration number in the bottle or not. 

You can also clean your house using Clorox wipe. Moreover, it is very effective and prevents your house from flu viruses 99.9%. Proper cleaners or proper disinfectants are some of the useful ways that will help you to kill germs even during flu season. For any help or any advice, you can contact cleaning services Dubai. 

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2. Clean the surface that is mostly used

In most cases, the germs spread from a particular spot that is mostly used. So, it is very important to clean that surface which is mostly used or touched around the house on a regular basis. You can use Lysol to disinfect those places that are frequently used or any other cleaning sprays that contain ammonia. 

You can also use Clorox to clean the doorknobs, drawer pulls, switch, remotes, etc. And, for your knowledge, you must know that flu germs can stay on the surface for a longer period than other germs. Thus, you need to be very careful while cleaning your house. For extra help, you can also hire maid services Dubai

3. Wash your hand properly 

This is one of the important ways to prevent viruses or flu germs. It will help you not to fall sick and even not spread germs to others. Thus, hand washing is essential, and it has also been proved that this is the best way to control infection, and it is also worth spending your valuable time. 

But, if you think washing your hands for 2 seconds, you can expect to prevent germs, then you are wrong. At least for 30 seconds, you need to rub your hand with soap and water. Wash your hands properly, on the back of the hand, in between your fingers and your palms. When you rub your hand, it causes friction, and that actually works to prevent these viruses or flu germs.  

4. Do your laundry and be a little more particular in terms of cleanliness

Doing laundry is a must, and it’s no harm to stay spotless during flu season. You must know that if you don’t disinfect, then the flu can live for 12 hours in a dry space, like in plastic, glass or window screens. It can also live in absorbent material for two to five days. So, to maintain the house and keep it healthy, clean and disinfected during laundry is very important. 

It has been seen that people who get infected show symptoms after two weeks even when they no longer feel sick. Keeping yourself clean, washing your hands, maintaining a distance from your closed ones is very important. Further, you also need to keep your surroundings clean so that your family can stay safe during flu season. You can also take help from maid services Dubai. 

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5. You can also use natural stuff to clean your house 

Natural cleaning agents are also very useful to prevent your house from flu germs. In your cooking cabinet, there are a lot more things that you can use to prevent flu germs. Vinegar is one of the natural products that you can use to prevent infections during flu season. It contains acetic acid, which is responsible for killing bacteria and germs. 

For best results, you can mix hot water and vinegar. And, you can also use hydrogen peroxide; it is very useful and helps in killing bacteria. Mixtures of bleaching and water can also work as a disinfectant. Be very careful while using hydrogen peroxide as it can stain clothes. Lastly, if you need an extra hand, then you can go for maid services in Dubai.  

6. Clean your bathroom during flu seasons

Cleaning the bathroom is one essential point that you need to keep in your mind during flu seasons. Use a strong disinfectant to clean the hard surface of the bathroom. You can also use natural disinfectant to clean your bathroom. Mix 1/2 cup of bleach with water to make a disinfectant.

Apply the solution on the surface of your bathroom and keep it for 5 mins. You will see a disinfectant floor. You can also hire cleaning services in Dubai. 

7. Protect your house from germs when you have a sick person 

When you have a sick person in your house you need to maintain extra precaution. For that, make sure you have enough tissues and detergents and detergent that contains chloride, hydrogen peroxide etc. Maintain all the precautions like wear gloves while cleaning, etc. You need to create a boundary with yourself and the germs to ensure that you don’t fall sick. 

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8. Teach other family members

You can also tell your family members how they can keep the house clean, especially children. If you have children, you can teach them some basic things like washing hands, not sharing food, covering your mouth or nose while sneezing, etc. Thus, they can keep themselves and the house germ-free.

It’s better to take precaution beforehand rather than repenting later. If one of your family members is unwell, tell them not to mix their things with other family members. In this way, the infection won’t spread much. You need to be extra careful during this particular season. 


So, this was all about how to keep yourself and our house healthy during flu season. And, these are some tips that will help you to disinfect your house. Further, this will help you to keep you free from all the flu germs during flu season. You can also hire cleaning services in Dubai for extra help.

Cleaning is a must, and there is no alternative. Regular cleaning will reduce your effort a little, but due to loads of work, you can’t. Thus, you should at least maintain some of the basic cleaning aspects. Thanks to for consulting.


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