5 Ways to Turn a Small Apartment Look Spacious


Those who own big homes or villas search for trending ideas to turn their homes stunning and appealing. They look for various ways to fill the available space in rooms and buy expensive objects, thus cluttering the space. The spacious home is itself a comfort; the decorating objects are secondary to enliven the interior. The occupancy of a big home is a great blessing. But not all people reserve a big residence. People live in small apartments even today but they manage to make the small space look comforting and luxurious.

The visitors cannot figure out whether they have stepped into an apartment covering limited space. We appreciate the people living in small homes. They have exerted their full effort, creativity, and talent to make their apartment attention-grabbing and soothing!

Small apartment with staircase, plants, lights, clothes on the hanger, table and chair

Turning a little space into a spacious one is not a big deal if we invest our willingness and creative imagination. Along with home décor ideas, we see tons of recommendations to embellish and magnify the tiny apartments. Living in small homes was once a big challenge but today the deft home designers have very artfully solved the issue. Today, in this post, we will unlock five useful ways to make your small apartment look spacious and fabulous. Setting a small abode into a luxurious and comforting place is the real test of our talent and deliberation.

Modern man has solved this riddle and found plenty of ways and means to keep the small space charming and awe-inspiring. Let’s discuss some of the ways to decorate our small dwelling.

Contrive Spacious Look with White Paint:

You are to take some functional and straightforward steps for a serene and impressive residence. Whether we construct a new home or shift in an apartment, we get the interior painted with a fantastic color scheme. But at the present moment, we aspire to boost space in an undersized penthouse. The most important tip to attain a spacious environment is to paint the walls with a white hue!

In all redesigning plans, repainting is the top of the list idea. When it comes to painting the walls, the question arises for the right choice of colors. The owners of big villas can go for bright shades and undertones, but here is a challenge to make the limited space a capacious one.  The excellent shot is to paint the wall with white colors to make the apartment look voluminous and tidy. Select other accessories in bright and bold tones to contrast with white walls. After painting the whole interior, turn around and feel the serenity the white pigment has produced.  Hence proved, white will give a bigger look to space than it is!

Build a Soothing Space with Area Rugs:

Small apartment living room with rugs, tables, sofa and picture with opened doors and big window
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

People living in big cities are compelled to live in narrow apartments. Another secret to actualize more available space is to spread area rugs in the interior. The carpets laid down at any location of the home are matchless and marvelous to realize capacious climate. With installed area rugs, you can instantly redo your apartment and maintain a sense of comfort and inspiration. Make a handsome mix match of the rug with the surrounding accessories.

If you want a more spacious look with floral mats, choose delicate and soft hues for foot comfort. Small apartments open the door to genius redecoration. With a diligent mind, you can extract tons of ideas. The area mats allow you to sit, walk and lay down freely. It can accommodate more people to sit on, instead of furniture articles. The wooden items cover more space than the rug, so avoid cluttering in your apartment and prefer rugs to display a soothing vibe!

Smart Storage:

Smart storage is a key in the tiny space. Furniture is an ultimate requirement of every home. We should choose the dual-duty bed so it can serve the purpose of storage in addition to its primary function-no need to buy gigantic and oversized furniture items. Choose the bed having built-in large drawers beneath it. The drawers can serve to keep bed covers, pillowcases and other accessories in your room. Every inch is valuable and functional in the small residence. If a medium-sized bed is helpful to sleep comfortably, no need to fix a huge bed. Let the furniture tone match with the rest of the items in your room.

Desk with computer with chair under the staircase as a way to design small apartment to look as it has more space
Photo by Conor Sexton on Unsplash

Building tall and narrow closets on the wall is obligatory for a tiny home. If you want to display some objects, go for open cupboards, keep the books, files, frames, etc. You can also use the upper surface of the cupboards to put vases or framed paintings.  It will add to your room’s grace. Another trick to save space is to fix your bed with the wall instead of putting it in the center. If you need to keep chairs in the room, select the backless chairs to cover minimal space. The table should also be small in size and keep these in another corner of the room, leaving the central space empty to stretch out a beautiful carpet, ensuring a spacious environment inside.

Plentiful Light:

In the daytime, bigger windows and mirrors are valuable sources to bring in bright sunlight. For night, arrange a perfect lighting system to ensure the apartment’s expansive and engaging appearance. Don’t leave any corner of your abode darker and shady.  The more the light inside, the more capacious your dwelling will look.  When facing a narrow space issue, the table or floor lamps can clutter the space. So, ceiling light sources can prove beneficial.

Fix LED bulbs and lamps on the wall, thus spreading light in the interior and saving space on the floor. The well-lit rooms look inviting, warm and cozy.  The whitish walls and the bright light will enlighten the whole apartment, imparting an additional allure. It is for this reason; all modern home designing trends have made sure the supply of sufficient light in the interior. It is more needed in small homes where limited space is a big challenge. Enhance the fascination and grandeur of your tiny apartment, providing adequate light.

Bedroom with designed lights above the bed
Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

Another useful tip for dealing with the space-deprived apartment is to spread living room rugs in the sitting area and use it as a sleeping zone at night. The beds cover more space and people living in the limited space manage to use the living area as bedrooms. They spread mattress on the cozy rugs, slid beneath the covers and enjoy comfortable sleep. The people living in the small spaces are smart enough to deal with the little space artfully. They spruce up every spot with adequate lighting, turn the living area into a bedroom, and enjoy the fresh, oxygen-rich air with the help of big windows in their small abode. 

Windows and Mirrors:

No other age than present has installed mirrors in every room.  The modern decorating techniques allow for hanging mirrors in all the rooms to give a sense of open space. Similarly, big windows are compulsory for a small residence. They give us free daylight, fresh air to create a relaxing environment. Placing a big mirror on the opposite wall will cater to a majestic look and add space to the environment. A big window and large mirror instantly catch your attention and have a good impression on the visitors.

Mirrors on the wall as a way to arrange a small apartment to look spacious
Photo by Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash

The giant mirrors are a great need in the bedroom, the other spot where it will suit most is the living room. Even before furniture, people will look at the mirror. Thus, it will build a catching theme in the living other than creating a spacious atmosphere. 


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