Recipe for the perfect home office


Home offices should allow you to complete tasks professionally,  but the way of working does not have to be gloomy and serious. The design of your home office can even lead you to be inspired and come up with innovative ideas. As a result, your home office should be designed to lessen the pressure and make you comfortable for maximum productivity. Here are tips to utilize to make your workplace more efficient.


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●   Define Your Needs

To make your workplace more effective, you need to have to identify your job’s main purpose and what you want to achieve. Without a doubt everyone needs a computer, whether a mac or windows desktop computer. You can also utilize Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to make the workplace more productive. The needs include;

Psychological needs.

For you to be productive, the workspace should have a positive environment that fulfills psychological needs. This can be achieved by reducing stress factors.


Consider your physical and emotional safety and eliminate things in the workplace that are a threat.

Inclusion and belonging.

If someone does not feel a sense of belonging, they are less motivated to succeed.


A sense of purpose is crucial because you need to believe that you are contributing to a higher goal.


By being self-aware, you can recognize your strengths and weaknesses. As a result, one can maximize their potential and strengths to be more effective.



●   Declutter Your Workplace

Effective work performance in a home office stems from a sense of organization, starting with the company’s hierarchy all the way to your desk. This is the reason why you need to invest some time into cleaning and organizing your workspace.

●   Create opportunities for physical wellness

Productivity increases when you can move around your workspace with ease. Medically, it is not advisable for someone to stay in one position for too long. Inactivity poses a huge risk to your productivity because the brain’s ability of processing information becomes slower. Therefore, you should consider incorporating tactics that will force you to move around the workplace for some minutes.

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Make Natural Light A Priority

The main benefit of utilizing sunlight is that it lowers the lighting utility cost of the workplaces. Also, sunlight provides Vitamin D that improves an individual’s health and energy contributing to improved productivity in the workplace. A workplace that allows adequate sunlight seems more spacious and appealing to workers. This enables focus and organization to reign in a bid to maintain the beauty of the workplace. 

Give devices a home

Gadgets that are out of place will heavily contribute to the clutter and lack of movement in your workplace. Efficiency and productivity are achieved when all the gadgets in the workplace serve a certain purpose to your workflow. Therefore, the first thing to do for a better workflow is to get rid of gadgets that you do not use. Also, consider the positioning of the remaining gadgets and how they affect work productivity. Gadgets that serve close to the same purpose such as; printers or photocopy machines should have allocated spaces and that goes for every other gadget. This way, it is easier to arrange the different sections consequently making it easier to have an organized workplace.


●   Organize your cables


Long cables not only cause clutter in the office but also act as electrical hazards. Therefore, you need to make sure that the cables are out of reach to avoid interfering with your movement and workflow. You can achieve this by clipping the cables on walls, or the side of your working desk to keep them in place. Another option is getting rid of some of the cables by using services such as USP hubs to connect your multiple devices.



●   Reminding yourself of the purpose of objects in your desk.

For faster efficiency in the workplace, you need to be in touch with the objects on your desk and their purpose. This approach can be valuable when you are swamped with work and approaching deadlines. Knowing the purpose and position of an object means that you will spend less time looking for it when it is called upon. 

●   Adjust your seat and monitor for better posture

Lastly, consider improving your comfortability in your workplace by finding the right monitor angle and seat adjustments. The main consensus is that your eyes should look slightly downward when looking at the middle of the screen. With that in mind raise or lower your chair so that the desk is at elbow height. Getting a combination of the two increases efficiency as you will be comfortable in your workspace.

The feeling of completing a project is next to none unfortunately, your progress can be derailed by the nature of your workplace.  Therefore, to not get left behind, revamp your workplace and ensure it caters to your every production need. Thanks to Lenovo for consulting.


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