Saving electricity and hiring an electrician


This article highlights some ideas as to how you can save or fix some common electrical issues and consider hiring a professional electrician in Bel Air or in your neighbourhood. Electrical emergencies are unpredictable and usually occur when you are in the middle of something and could be disregarding some common electrical problems at your home or office.

Let’s divide the location categories into offices and homes. 

  1. Offices:

At our offices, we are surrounded by electronic equipment and their frequent usage. Therefore, the saving of electricity at your office is easily overlooked and utilization of fuel can be easily equated to a Monday morning coffee. Its speculated that the world’s fuel reserves have been utilized past their peak. Saving electricity is generally not a concern because we do not feel the need to. Its the underlying problem and if it comes to fore, we will have to pay a hefty price. 

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Thus, we can save electricity by following some simple steps:

  1. Air Conditioning:

Simple things like dressing for the season, keeping the thermostat between 20-23°C, keeping doors and windows closed and using an energy management system can help curb the CO2 emissions. As part of the administration, you can install weather strips on doors and around windows which will trap the air escaping from the building and thus reducing the load on air conditioning by keeping the temperature balanced.

  1. Lighting:

It’s a common sight that the lights are left on after leaving a meeting room. It’s estimated that around 15% of a business’ energy bill is spent on lighting. Thus, to switch off the lighting when not in use should be the norm here. Also, using LED bulbs which save energy, keeping fixtures clean and dust free and using daylight as much as possible can ensure you would not face any surprises in your energy bill.

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  1. Office equipment:

Hundreds of people use a dozen screens be it on a laptop or desktop. Thus, ensuring that all laptops, monitors are put to a sleep mode when not in use and not printing something unless you need it can help in saving energy.

  1. Cafeteria:

In any office environment, a cafeteria can be a place to meet up. Ensure that all switches are off while leaving and to not overfill the kettle while heating water. It’s quite easy to forget these simple tips while in the cafeteria where everyone is looking to take some time off from their work.

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  1. Holmes:

You are in a better position to save electricity at your home than at the office as things are under your control. Electricity problems can be hazardous or harmless. 

Some harmless problems include a loose outlet plug, broken switch light, a simple short circuit or a damaged extension cord among others. It’s still important to fix these problems as well, as they can snowball into bigger issues and cause other equipment attached to them to dissipate energy and turn into hazardous problems.

Flickering or dimming lights, Light bulbs burning out frequently, dead and warm outlets and frequency tripping breakers are all part of the hazardous problems. These should be the first problems you need to fix as they waste a lot of electricity and are a serious safety concern. Most of these problems should be addressed by a pro electrician as the issue mostly is a loose connection somewhere, an overheated wire or a tripped breaker. Usually, all of this happens to prevent a fire at your house and expert intervention is required here.

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  1. How will an electrician solve your problem?

As part of the services offered, any team of certified electricians offer a free safety inspection of your place to locate potential hazards or faults and offer solutions. Apart from the inspection, checking all power outlets, lights and switches, smoke alarms and detectors, visually inspecting your wirings, switchboards and electrical sub-boards in your home or business are all part of the service offered. A thorough safety test is conducted to identify any problems with advice on those problems. They can also extend the life of your electrical systems by maintaining the current installation at your place. 

  1. The benefits of any electrician service offered:

The services offered are categorized by the type of electrician needed for a type of problem. These are – The 24/7 emergency electrician, the Commercial electrician and the Domestic electrician. Benefits of each electrician are highlighted below:

  • The 24/7 emergency electrician:

Electrical emergencies can occur at any given time. Getting through this can be easier and quick with a call to a 24/7 emergency electrician and they will reach you ASAP. Mostly, the legal angle for all electricians is covered thus making it safe for you and the company to call our electricians to your home or business locations and they should be fully equipped with a van which is always on stand-by.

  • The commercial electrician:

Electricians offer rapid services across Melbourne and surrounding areas with scheduled appointments throughout the week. The services offered are all based on your satisfaction as our electrician will not leave the premise until you are satisfied. They offer a thorough diagnostic of the premises and identify the problem post which a variety of solutions are offered.

  • The domestic electrician:

Fixing any issue can leave a mess at your place. The electricians will clean the place after any work they have performed. They also work during the holidays and provide a reminder before a premises visit.

Thus, saving energy will reflect in the long term as we have to take care of the planet we live on. This has to be taught to our new generation as they will lead on and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and help fuel reserves last.

Also, if you are in need of fixing any electrical issues, please do get in touch with an electrician in your area today as it’s imperative to fix these issues as soon as they can.


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