6 Ways to Save Money on Your Energy Bills in Summer


Summer comes with a lot of heat that can make you uncomfortable as you relax on your premises. As the weather rises, you’d want to do everything possible to save on electricity bills and, at the same time, maximize the usage of your air conditioner and get relaxed and comfortable temperatures. However, getting the balance between your budget and your desired conditions can be quite tough. For one, the summer weather demands that you find ways to cool your body and the environment at large. Most of the options you can think of involves electricity. Therefore, if you’re really determined in reducing your expenses, then opting for a no deposit electricity plan should be your first step.

Below is a list of six tips you can implement to help you save money on your energy bills and get suitable temperatures to make your stay comfortable.

Install a New Air conditioner that is Energy-Efficient

An older air conditioner could be using a lot of force to work, which consumes a lot of energy, increasing your electricity bills. There are several options when it comes to air conditioners. Each of these brands works towards increasing the efficiency of their products while reducing the among of energy dissipated. Therefore, it would be prudent to replace your current system with a new and modern AC.

Though it may cost you a lot more to replace, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. Your overall electricity bill will significantly reduce, especially if you also consider the rest of the tips in this article. Some of the best-rated manufactures are Trane, Rheem, among others. Such quality products come at almost double the price of other HVAC products.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

With a programmable thermostat, you can control your HVAC systems, whether at home or away. Use a timer and schedule your thermostat to match your preferred settings. Most of the modern models are designed to change the settings automatically according to the surrounding. This relieves you of the responsibility of having to adjust the thermostat every now and then. You can just set your desired temperatures for each room when leaving for work and when you come back home.

Change Your Air Filters

You can replace your air filters each month with the help of a local heating and air conditioning service provider to keep the air conditioner efficient and functional. When the system gets blocked with dirt and dust, it clogs, rendering it inefficient, and makes it consume more energy bills. It can also cause various ailments in the home.

Keep Your HVAC System Free from Debris and the Sun

While tree shade protects your unit from direct sun, reducing energy consumption, its branches can also hinder its performance, causing complete damage. If possible, you can clear the surroundings to minimize the sources of such debris. The sun can also be quite damaging to your system. Therefore, as you focus on cleaning your gadgets, make sure they’re also safe from direct sunlight.

Clean and Open the Vents

Sometimes, taking care of everything in the home can be overwhelming as you need to keep a close eye on each item. When cleaning vents, you may close them unknowingly, which causes air leaks, leading to energy waste. If you notice unusual happenings to your unit, such as warm rooms, check the vent.

Keeping the vent clean prevents debris from getting into your home. It’s often easy to overlook the dust and dirt in the vent. Ensure you maintain cleanliness in and outside your home. Also, clean the vent and air filters to keep them in good condition.

Gravity should be at the Back of your mind

A hot season causes heat to rise in your home. The ceiling and floor become hotter in summer, and you can use fans to keep the heat out of your home.

Various types of fans, such as standing or ceiling, can play a crucial role in your home’s air circulation. It creates a more relaxed and comfortable environment for your family. When the air from the fans circulates in the house, it maintains even temperatures, making the HVAC to consume less energy.

Of course, it is not only heating and cooling solutions in the home that consume energy. When re-evaluating your usage, consider other area’s you may be able to save. Swap incandescent bulbs to LED lighting solutions.  Appliances can account for a whopping 30% of home energy usage. So, when updating white goods, choose energy-efficient appliances.


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