Bohemian Interiors – A perfect vibe for summer


There is something about Bohemian Interiors that just say summer to me.  It’s most likely the laid-back vibe that is also akin to summer at the beach.

bohemian interiors

The bright colors and natural textures say “no stuffiness here,” You can also find a lot of natural textures and layering.

bohemian interiors

An artistic collection adorns this book shelve without too much worry about symmetry or adhering to a palette.  It’s perfectly off-balance.

bohemian interiors

A fun gallery wall.

bohemian interiorsYou don’t need to go wild with color to have a bohemian style.  With a lot of layers of soft surfaces and textures, even this rather monochromatic space gives off a laid-back but cultured vibe.


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