Moved into a new house? Everyone finds it super exciting to move in the home of their dreams, but for some people, the thrill is incomplete without a housewarming party. After all, a joyous moment calls out for celebrations. It might be tempting to invite everyone over, but take time to unpack, and settle in the new place. Likewise, housewarming parties don’t have any rules, it is up to you, whether you want to keep it lowkey or something extravagant.

Are you wondering how to prepare for the party? Here is a complete checklist for having a stress-free housewarming party.

1.     Determine Your Budget

Moving to a new place does cost an arm sine transporting furniture, and investing in interior design is not a piece of cake. Thus, it makes sense if you don’t have to splurge on an exclusive housewarming party because everything depends on how much you are willing to spend. Take a dig at your budget and start shortlisting al the expenses to plan the most spectacular party. Surprisingly, you can arrange a party for as low as $50 and as high as $500

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2.     Send Fancy Invites

Everyone wants to break the exciting news of moving to a new house with something special. So, how about you send fancy invites? Even though many people prefer saving costs by sending invites over emails, but a little effort won’t cost you anything. Alongside an invitation card, you can send flowers or gifts. It could be anything – a customized house keychain, a welcome frame, or something that fits your budget. Don’t forget to wrap these little gifts to keep curiosity levels high. In case you are on a tight budget, start searching for wrapping paper in bulk near me, allowing you to save a few bucks.

3.     Pick A Theme

What is a party without a theme? Perhaps, incomplete. Therefore, pull off research and come up with fun themes to make the party memorable. If your home has some unpainted walls, then call for ‘paint a room’ theme to get it painted with a few helping hands. Similarly, if you need help with unpacking, opt for an ‘unpacking party’ where your guests will help you organize the house. However, if you fear to get your new home dirty, stick to the ‘garden theme’ and let everyone enjoy the fresh air.

4.     Set Up A Bar & Music

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Celebrations are all about enjoying yourself, and this won’t be possible without some music and wine. Remove those fancy decoration pieces from your coffee table and stock it with liquor, soft drinks, glasses, and snacks. After all, everyone enjoys a party with refreshments and snacks. You might be inviting your friends who are mature adults, but music is soothing for everyone. If you don’t want any rock music, search for a housewarming playlist or make your upbeat grouping.

5.     Minimize Clutter 

Indeed, parties can create a lot of mess inside the house, especially if you are unaware of the smart tips and tricks. Hence, instead of using your kitchenware and cutlery, get disposable ones for the guests. It won’t only save you from washing countless dishes, but you can dispose of them right away, reducing the clutter. Similarly, create a party spot rather than letting your guests in every corner of the house. For this, you have to limit the party to your living room. Thus, when cleaning up, you will only have to clean up your living room.

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6.     Plan a Tour

Don’t you want to show your guests around? This is what your guests came for, and a guided tour would stop everyone from wandering around the house. Include the ‘time of home tour’ on the invitation card, making sure all guests are present at that time. Once everyone has arrived, take them around and show them the place. However, don’t feel shy if you have bare windows, packed boxes, or uneven floors since this is the charm of moving into a new place.

Wrap Up

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Housewarming party is more like an informal and casual get together of friends. Therefore, instead of stressing over petty things, work it out by planning for it beforehand. Similarly, you don’t have to rush with everything because there is no rule of having a party ‘right after’ moving in. You can take a couple of weeks to get familiar with the new place and then think about throwing a party. Thanks to Mr.Giftwrap for collaborating.


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