5 Amazing Home Theater Ideas for Movie Lovers


Discover the best home theater ideas that will give countless hours of entertainment for you, your family members, and guests here.

It’s movie night! You and your family gather on a crowded couch and pick out a flick to watch. It’s a nice evening but it could be so much nicer watching films in your own home theater.

Think about it. A big screen, surround sound, and nice comfy chairs that you can sit in for hours! Are you ready to get started?

We’ve got a few awesome home theater ideas that you can use to create the ideal space. Check out this guide to learn all about picking out a room and turning it into your own at-home movie theater.

1. Choosing a Location 

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Before you can start setting up your home theater you’ll need to choose a location. Most people go with the basement. It’s the most isolated room in the house and it’s nice and dark. 

If your house doesn’t have a basement, it’s fine. You can make do with using a spare room or even a walk-in closet. Some people use their garage but then you have to figure out where your car is going to go. 

2. Insulating Your Space

If you just want to create a theater inspired room without the booming sound system, you won’t have to insulate your walls. If you want to recreate the entire movie theater experience though, you’re going to need to insulate. 

Add in an extra layer of drywall to stop loud sounds from leaking out. You don’t want the entire neighborhood to be able to hear what movie you’re watching. 

3. Sound Options

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When designing your sound system there are a couple things you need to take into consideration. One thing is speakers. How many do you want to have?

Another is surround sound. Do you want to install it? Some design choices you make will have an impact on your sound as well. 

For example, if you install plush carpet you won’t have to deal with as much echo as you would if you had hard floors. 

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4. Control System

It’s not necessary but it’s convenient to be able to control all aspects of your home theater in one place. Consider installing some kind of system that you can use to control your TV, lights, and sound from a tablet or universal remote. 

5. Other Bells and Whistles 

Want to have big, cushiony chairs? Go design your own. Want a hidden projector that drops down from the ceiling? 

That could be a cool extra. There are a lot of small add-ons that like a control system, aren’t necessary but are cool to have. 

Home Theater Ideas All Movie Lovers Need 

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Want to bring the movie theater experience into your home without the ridiculous cost of concessions and long lines? Try out these home theater ideas to enjoy all the latest releases in the comfort of your own home. If you and your family watch movies on a regular basis the setup will be more than worth it. 

Building a theater isn’t the only way to spruce up your home. Check out our blog daily for all the latest and best interior design ideas. Thanks to Elite for consulting!


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