How to Get the Most Impact out of Your Floral Budget


You will agree with me that a gorgeous flower arrangement is an incredible part of a perfect wedding. Flowers have the potential of transforming a drab location into picturesque, thus uplifting the entire wedding scene. Undoubtedly, getting enough flowers for that fabulous floral décor may be an uphill task for you. Flowers are expensive, and for that reason, your floral budget can quickly get out of control.

However, you can still have that artistic flower arrangement and always stay within the budget if you plan well. All that is needed is to stretch your floral budget with a mission of getting value for your money. 

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The following tips will help you to make the most of your floral budget. 

  • Go for In-Season Blooms

The cheapest way to have fantastic blooms is to opt for locally grown flowers instead of flown-in, hothouse assortments. You will realize that these varieties are readily available, flesh thus looks terrific and has minimal transportation cost. However, you can still have off-seasonal blooms if you’re ready to spend more to have them shipped from overseas. It is one of the greatest attractions when your florist organizes handpicked exotic varieties across the globe and have the flowers arranged by floramoments for your wedding.

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  • Opt for Bigger Blooms

The secret of having large blooms such as calla lilies and orchids is that they are more dramatic and occupy more space. Therefore, you will complete your floral arrangement with fewer of them and still create a strong impact. Although an orchid may cost more than roses, you’ll need fewer pieces in the arrangement. For that reason, you will need to discuss and design the floral decor with your florist with the largest variety in the season to cut your overall cost. Additional larger flowers are hydrangeas and sunflowers, which are good choices for an excellent flower arrangement and economical prices.

  • Simple Additions like Tulle, Ribbon or Lace to the Arrangement

You can make your flower bouquet and centerpieces appear larger and, at the same time, maintain the cost low by the use of sweet, romantic details such as ribbons and laces. Think of the satin ribbons that make the color pop up, thus increasing the beauty of your flower arrangement while the lace provides a romantic note. Therefore, these classy choices create a fantastic flower arrangement at a reduced cost. 

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  • Use of Greenery

Having greens in your bouquet instead of blooms can reduce the cost significantly. You may use more ferns and ivory than flowers to fill the space. Besides being inexpensive, and cutting expenses in the floral arrangement, greenery adds beautiful texture, thus enhancing the appeal of the bouquet and centerpieces. They will be of noticeable size and impact yet cost less. 

  • Select Corsages Alternatives

Creating corsages requires a lot of effort hence the premium prices. For that reason, go for single flowers without filters to serve the same purpose, and they will cost less. Some of the best alternatives to corsages are starfish, feathers, and buttons. This arrangement will get you noticed for tying these alternatives to the theme of your wedding. It will also create the effect you desire but at a reduced cost. 

  • Add non-floral centerpieces

The exotic blooms that are handpicked from different countries will always give you an expensive flower arrangement that is ever impressive. However, it is not the only option for you to create an impact. Several unusual and cheaper items can give you the same effect. All that you need is to link these elements to your theme of choice. If you are having a garden wedding, you may consider having bird cages or pinwheels and rustic ideas for your outdoor weddings. These amusing items and ideals can be reused later for your home décor.

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  • Repurpose and Reuse of Your Wedding Flowers

You can cut costs significantly when you use the same floral arrangement for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. In most instances, these events take place in different locations, and when they use the same venue, the reception hall may be different from the wedding ceremony hall. However, you won’t want to have separate flower décor for the two venues since it is pretty expensive.

Thus, you would rather pay the transfer cost for these bouquets and centerpieces to be moved from one location to the other for reuse instead of financing two arrangements. You can organize your team to transport these bouquets discretely and quickly after the ceremony. This arrangement is made before the wedding. For the organizers to progress with the plan smoothly on that day.

The Bottom Line

Weddings last for a day or a couple of hours. For that reason, you would want to save every penny for your future. Therefore, you have to look for ways of making budget cuts. One of the prime ways is to cut the floral arrangement even though it is everyone’s priority when planning a wedding. A slight switch from off-season flowers delivered to Singapore from the US to local flowers that are cheap and can hold well during your wedding may save you a lot of investment. 

Highlighting bigger blooms, the use of extra greenery, and alternatives to corsages when creating your bouquets and centerpieces will cost less, thus reducing your budget. More so, consider reusing your floral arrangement at the wedding ceremony in the reception hall. Proper coordination will help your organizers to plan the transfer quickly and discreetly between the two events, thus saving you a considerable amount of money. Thanks to Floramoments for contributing!


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