Things to Take into Account While Choosing Paint Color for Your House’s Exterior


It could be pretty challenging to choose the right color palette for your house’s exterior. A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your house must necessarily boost the overall curb appeal. However, there are a host of factors to take into account such as the landscaping, architecture, the surrounding materials, and your neighborhood style.

Unlike choosing colors for the interiors of your home where your taste, preferences, and lifestyle are given top priority, in this case, you need to flaunt your prized property with appropriate exterior hues. This would prove to be quite challenging for homeowners to make the right choice of color schemes that may complement both their home’s surroundings and their taste and lifestyle. Let us explore some of the top factors to consider while successfully choosing the best exterior colors for your dream house.

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Permanent Materials & Elements

Is your house having a patio, stone or brick foundation, or accents that involve a lot of money for replacing? Certain colors present in the house’s immediate surroundings seem to be already established like asphalt hue or the roof color. All these colors must be kept in mind while choosing the exterior colors for your dream home. It is not essential for the color of your house and the surrounding colors to match perfectly. These colors at best must complement and harmonize. Think of some exterior colors that would harmonize all these fixed elements harmoniously.


Give Importance to Architecture

Are you having a Mid-century modern ranch or a Craftsman or Victorian-style house? Consider using accent colors and colors that complement and accentuate your home’s architecture. The exterior color scheme must look perfect and help in boosting the overall appeal of the house. You must do ample research online or talk to professionally qualified and experienced painting consultant at to assist you in identifying the best palette for the exterior of your home.

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Take a Tour of the Neighborhood

You must necessarily manage some time to go about touring your neighborhood before you arrive at a final decision regarding the exterior colors for your home. You must scrutinize all the houses that are in eye-catching colors. Look at all those homes more carefully that resemble your house in terms of architecture, distance from the Main Street, size, etc. Do not choose colors that are being used by your immediate neighbors otherwise, you would be stamped as copycats. Moreover, pay extra attention to the fact that your home’s exterior must not be painted in a color that clash with your next building.


While narrowing your color choices to just some of your hot favorite colors, you could try and see the effect of the color by trying it out in tiny swatch sizes and examining how it would look throughout the day from sunrise to sunset. Do not forget to ensure color coordination with your architecture and existing elements of your house. Thanks to Malerfirmaet for consulting!


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